MBA in Prague: Bring your career to a new level

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is designed to develop all the necessary skills required for successful careers in business and management fields. MBA degree is recognized internationally, so students can choose from 2’500 MBA programs offered worldwide based on the language of the program (most are offered in English), location and tuition fee. Most MBA programs include a so-called “core” – curriculum of subjects, such as economics, marketing, accounting, as well as elective courses that allow participants to follow their own personal or professional interests. MBA degree is a missing step, that will bring your career to a new level.

Why MBA in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic not only offers high-quality study programmes for those interested in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, Czech universities can also satisfy the needs of professionals looking to improve their business and management skills. MBA programmes in the chosen Czech universities are provided in English and taught by the most experienced professors in the required fields. The best part are competitive tuition fees, which are one of the main reasons for international professionals to set their base in the Czech Republic.

MBA program at Anglo-American University

Anglo-American University introduces The Chapman MBA program based on the best traditions of Chapman University. During the program, students will come across interactive work in small groups combined with the application of theoretical knowledge through examples and extensive class discussions with an emphasis on critical thinking.

MBA program at AAUni in Prague

MBA program is delivered through an intensive course with classes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This program also reflects the needs of those students, who are currently employed, new student cohorts begin at the end of September each year. Core courses include:

  • Economic Analysis for Business
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Statistics for Business Decisions
  • Organization and Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations and Technology Management
  • Financial Management
  • Understanding the Global Business Environment

Evaluation takes place through individual and group projects, exams, essays and also participation in class. Each course is completed by a final exam in a form of a test, a project or a presentation.

University of New York in Prague

The UNYP MBA has been designed to offer professionals an opportunity to change industries and work in a completely new field. To those who are currently employed at managing positions, it allows to attain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to be the best possible executive managers.

Becoming an MBA student at UNYP, you will learn from senior executive managers of companies like Coca Cola, British Telecom, Volkswagen and many more. Highly qualified and experienced professors are the key benefit of this MBA program. During your studies you will gain practical & strategic business knowledge, you will test your leadership abilities and learn key skills for successful networking.

UNYP is offering the following concentration choices:

  • Concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • Concentration in Finance & Banking
  • Concentration in Management
  • Concentration in Marketing
  • Concentration in Project Management
  • Flexible Online MBA
University of New York in Prague MBA programme
University of New York in Prague

Complete your MBA in Prague

If you are interested in completing an international MBA programme in one of the universities listed above, please get in touch with Zuzana. Zuzana is an expert in all areas of university education, she can advise the best programme and take care of you through out your studies. Do not hesitate to send Zuzana an email to!

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