Let’s Learn What is the Name Day in Czechia!

If you have ever seen Czech people celebrating someone with giving him/her small presents or good wishes, it could have been the name day of the person! Each day of the year, there is someone’s name written on the calendar in the Czech Republic. Let’s learn the history behind and where this custom comes from!

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At first, the name day is based on the Roman Catholic tradition, and the original name list comes from Roman Catholic calendar of saints.

Every day of the year, there is someone’s name day, however, the most state holidays don’t assign as someone’s name day, excluding the Christmas Eve, because on that day Czechs celebrate Adam and Eva names.

The name day is a nice reason to celebrate for most of the Czech families, friends, and also colleagues. They give wishes to the person and buy small gifts such as a bucket of flowers, or a box of chocolate.

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Actually, the name day is celebrated fairly universally throughout Europe, and in the Czech Republic, it is called svátek or jmeniny

The name day is not as important as birthday in the Czech Republic. However, there is one more good reason to celebrate for you! Check your name from the Czech name day calendar and be ready to enjoy at that day!

There are also variations of the names, so you can easily find your name on the list, doesn’t matter from which country you come from or how your name is written! You can celebrate your name day in the Czech Republic as well!

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