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So my foot has been killing me ever since the cold weather started to bother not just me, but probably everyone. I was told there is a man who can help me with the pain, no need for convincing. I hopped on a bus and got off at Vozovna Medlánky, right in front of Hotel Vista to meet this wizard.

Honza Vencovský

His name is Honza Vencovský and he is masseur. He was super nice to me, very friendly and professional at the same time. He offers a variety of  and I chose one that is called “Relaxing touch”. It took 90 minutes. And my pain was gone! I must share my experience with you and personally recommend him because it was simply amazing. Besides the Relaxing touch he also offers Candella Harmony massage, when he uses warm wax to heat up your muscles.

Candella Harmony massage

There is also something called Ritual Matamanoa, when he uses hot mussels and cool seashells. It is supposed to be very nice and dynamic. Also a Tantric massage is possible to arrange. He pays very close attention to the products he uses. When the best in the world is not available, he goes for the best in the country. So that’s why everything smelled so nice!

Ritual Matamanoa

I asked him about his experience with foreigners living in Czech Republic. He told me he prefers them! In his experience they are much more likely to enjoy the massage more since they can “turn off” more easily. I pretended not to hear it and asked him about English. It should not be a problem, he is very excited about meeting people from different parts of the world and practise his English.   And what is his philosophy? There are three rules in life – We are amazing. I like this one. The second one is – Something happens, always. And the third one is – We can fix it! He wants to spread the idea of self-love and the perfection of every human being. He always says that one session with him is like a week of vacation. And he is right! So where to go when you just want to turn off and relax for a bit? First go to his website and check out the massage menu. The pricelist can be found here. You don’t even have to leave the house and he can come over. However, if your apartment is as messy and full of roommates like mine, go to Hotel Vista, a place where he does all his massages. It is gorgeous! The nearest bus stop is called Vozovna Medlánky and there is also a tram stop a little further, Hudcova (tram no. 1). When you want to make an appointment just call the front desk of the hotel and arrange it with them, they speak English. The time schedule is not set precisely, it is usually upon arrangement. Enjoy and let me know how you liked it! Honza_10_10_2014


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