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Feel like home with us

They say, every new business idea should be described in a few simple words, otherwise, it’s not so good. When started, it was all about People from the very beginning. Not only foreigners willing to move to the Czech Republic, or already living in this beautiful country. It was also about the team behind – a small group of enthusiasts, who loved their country and wished to be surrounded by happy individuals from all around the world. Our team grew bigger over the years, but it remains an unspoken rule, that everybody who comes to work for has a positive attitude, is caring and empathetic. team team

We help you make decisions

It’s even hard to refer to it as a job since being part of became part of the lifestyle. We bring foreigners together, finding new homes for all of you and helping you feel like home. This is our mission and our main motivation at the same time. Many of us have changed homes a few times during our lives, which is why we understand the significance of finding a comfortable place to live. But what if you’re just playing with a thought of relocating to the Czech Republic? Well, if the articles on this blog haven’t convinced you the Czech Republic is the right choice yet, we can arrange a Skype call to answer all your questions before your departure.

We deal with offices in your name

After the right decision has been made, we make sure you won’t regret it. Hundreds of our satisfied clients can confirm, that without their life would be much harder. Foreigners office employees don’t seem to speak any other language but Czech, the lady at the post office doesn’t understand you, the doctor struggles to explain himself? We’ll become your eyes and ears, and do all the talking for you! We can arrange not only fairly basic things like a local sim card or a bank account, we can assist you in completing your immigration process by making sure you submit all the appropriate documents, including comprehensive health insurance, to the authorities. - together we can move the world forward – together we can move the world forward

Together we dissolve the language barrier

Living in a foreign country, you might want to embrace its culture to the fullest by learning the local language. It can be a fun yet useful experience, and keeping your Czech under control will only make your life in the Czech Republic easier. Keep in mind, that for some cases authorities may require the translation of your legal documents into the Czech language. In this situation, our large database of translators might come in handy.

We save your time

Time is the most valuable resource and will help you save it. Do you have an idea, what differentiates successful people from the rest of the population? Successful individuals are really good at delegating everyday tasks, which can be really time-consuming. Why spend your valuable time on arranging the cleaning service or repair of the household, if the professionals can take care of it? will offer a helping hand whenever it’s needed.

Did you know? has offices in 6 Czech cities, and also one in Bratislava, in the Slovak Republic. Check out our fan pages on Facebook and follow the one, which is close to your location!

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