Why Healthcare Insurance service with Foreigners.cz?

To get a visa and live in the Czech Republic, an obligation health insurance is one of the requirement that you definitely need. In case you are working in the Czech Republic, one third of the amount needed for your health insurance is deducted from your salary and paid to public health insurance company. The remaining two thirds are paid by the employer.

To be more specific, for EU citizens, you can obtain the same health care in case of emergency as Czechs as long as you have blue insurance card (EHIC) with you. However if you are not studying or working in Czech Republic, or you are self-employed, you will need to prove your purpose of stay. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that what might be free in your country may not be free in the Czech Republic and vice versa.

For non-EU citizens, you need to have Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance for foreigners. One important thing is that Czech Ministry of Interior only accepts Czech health insurance companies.

Along with Immigration service, we also cover the service of Healthcare Insurance which is necessary to obtain a visa and healthcare in the Czech Republic. Among many reliable insurance companies, Foreigners.cz has been the partner with one of few companies who offer Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance – Slavia insurance company. Comprehensive Health Insurance is exactly what you need to apply for a long-term residence. Comparing with other competitors in the same field, Slavia insurance company has a very competitive and friendly price for students (5300 CZK/year), as well as the highest insurance claim cover (2 000 000 CZK).

Healthcare Insurance by Slavia

Who can purchase?

People from 0 – 60 years old

What the benefits? Schengen coverage Illness and accidents Hospital treatment General practitioners & specialists Prescribed medication Repatriation Assistance

Why Slavia? Assistance 24 / 7 Competitive price Highest insurance claim Credit card or wire transfer Instantly insured Discount for student and family insurance

How to order the Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance? Follow the steps on this page. We also cover other services such as Household Insurance, Car Liability Insurance, Travel Insurance etc.

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