Summer Session

From July 27th to July 30th, it was the Foreigners.cs Summer Session. It took place somewhere one hour and a half from Prague. The aim of these sessions is to better know each other, but also to share ideas on how to improve skills. They also organize a session during winter. For this one, Pierre (the Prague intern) and I have been invited to participate. Even though most of the presentations were in Czech, we still participated in some activities. During two days, it has been about self-accomplishment and experiences. I didn’t get all the Czech presentations, but I assumed that it was about how to improve its performances and how to motivate ourselves to do a better work.

The activities in English were about self-development and personal experiences, sharing what we read or the conferences we attended. Some talked about books, others about personal experiences, I personally talked about having a coach at work or at school. Someone that will help define your goals and understand better yourself. We had an astrology course and a presentation about “ATTITUDE”. The way we behave face to certain situations.  How to change certain behavior and how to improve others. we didn’t only have only very serious things. During the afternoon, we enjoyed some games, team games mainly. My favorite one was definitely the last one we did at night, the sentences game (having a map, being per team, looking for checkpoints, remembering the sentences and telling them to the referees).

It was so funny, running around with flashlights and working in a team. The craziest and ridiculous but also funniest one was the train game! As with Pierre we didn’t attend some presentations (they were in Czech), we worked on a manual for PR Intern and a Market research ( that we still didn’t finish!). Those two days were really interesting. I could observe how each team member interacts with each other. You could, through their behavior see that they are not only colleagues, they are also friends. And working with each other seems to be a real pleasure! I noticed that at they support self-accomplishment and development. This summer session was not only about talking about the company, but also about the employee’s well-being.

I guess that at the opposite of certain real estate companies, do care about its employees. And it makes sense because if the employees feel confident in the personal life, they’ll be confident in a professional way, so work better. Personally, I had a great time, even though it was too warm outside. It was nice to finally meet the complete team.

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