Employee of the Month: Interview with Martin Hudek

Meet our Relocation Consultant Martin Hudek! He’s a fantastic person. He loves to travel and meet new people but he’s always searching for a balanced life…a life that he’s found, at least for the moment.

Congratulations, Martin! You’ve been awarded the honor of being named the Foreigners.cz Prague “Employee of the Month” for March 2017!

So, let’s talk about your job. Be honest, what do you like and dislike about your job?

I like helping people find the right place to live, to help them relocate to/within Prague. It really makes me happy! It’s a time consuming job but it’s also challenging. I like both of these aspects.

How long have you worked here at Foreigners.cz?

It’s been more than one year, actually. I started in April, 2016, and now it’s like my second family!

Is the job stressful?

Yes, at times. 🙂 However, I love the feeling you get when you make a deal and all sides are happy. That’s what I am working for.

About how many clients per week do you meet with?

It really depends on the season, but usually only a few. About 2 to 5 per week.

How many clients do you typically handle?

This also depends on the season, but the usual amount of active clients in my book ranges between 50 and 70.

How many clients do you have in waiting and what is their average wait time for contact?

I usually contact new clients within a day or the same day of their inquiry. In case my schedule is very busy, I keep maximum time for contact within 3 days.

Can you give me an idea of the amount of communication that must be maintained between you and your clients when finding them an apartment?

That is really difficult to say, because every human being has different needs, life situations, stories, etc. So it all depends on many different aspects. Usually, at first, we speak with each other by phone or exchange a few informational emails. Then, after I find out and understand their personal requirements perfectly, I offer them appropriate housing based on their individual needs. That communication may take days or weeks, especially in cases where someone is abroad.

What about salary? Does this job pay well? Do you get bonuses?

Yes! Absolutely! We get bonuses when we reach our “turn-over”goal that is set up at the beginning of the month. We also get paid when we close a deal. I really like that there are no limits to how much money you can earn, here. It’s all up to you. That’s an issue for many people, maybe due to a preference in stable and permanent income, but for me is it’s a passion, I am not that kind of person. Sometimes it can be risky but there is a lot of adrenaline and fun in it as well 🙂

As an employer, what do you think Foreigners.cz can offer people that other employers can’t?

As mentioned before, it’s the “company mindset”. The working environment is very open minded and friendly but also competitive and full of excitement. This place carries with it a big potential for a personal growth!

What did you do for work before you came to the Foreigners.cz family?

I worked in a women’s boutique in Olomouc where I did online marketing.

Getting back to you…tell me a little bit about your education.

I studied Business Economics & Finance in Brno for 5 years. I spent 3 years on my Bachelor’s Degree and 2 years on my Master’s.

I hear you have some experience living abroad, yourself. Can you tell us more about that?

My first experience living abroad was an Erasmus experience in Malaga, Spain, the city of Andalucia. I went there to study Spanish. I didn’t know the language so I decided to learn it there! My second experience was during the pursuit of my Master’s Degree. I spent one year in Nottingham, in the United Kingdom. I received two diplomas after I completed an internship on Madeira Island for an accounting firm.

Cultural event in Nottingham

Which of your experiences did you like the best?

Maybe Spain because it was my first experience and I learned how to be independent…but also because Malaga is such an amazing place!

Have you ever thought about moving to one of those countries?

Yes!! I’ve though about moving to Spain but not right now. There’s still an employment crisis there and it’s kind of complicated to find a job.

Why would you want to live in Spain?

The people there are really warm and open minded. I really like that type of personal contact. It’s an important thing for me! I’m also very passionate about the language. I like listening to Spanish radio. Also, I really love the food and the landscapes there. It’s tasty and beautiful!

What are your hobbies?

I love cars. I am really passionate about them. I also like football! I used to play floor-ball and tennis. I like taking photographs in my free time. I just like going somewhere and taking pictures of nature or Prague with my iPhone.

Levada in Madeira

Do you have any plans to travel in the near future?

Yes! I would love to visit my friend in Mexico. It would be a dream to travel to South America, too.

It’s known that you are a native to Moravia. What is your viewpoint about life in Prague and Moravia, which one do you prefer?

Moravia’s a really nice region. I recommend going there and seeing it for yourself, to everyone. The people there are very nice and the countryside is very beautiful. You just feel like part of nature there. I chose Prague for job opportunities. It’s a really fast city. I think most of the time it’s really cool to live in a big city but sometimes it’s also great to just enjoy nature and chill at home in the countryside. I am really happy living in Prague because I have the ability to learn new things and meet new people, but I am also happy to have my home in the countryside to relax.

What are your favorite places in Prague and in the Czech Republic?

In Prague I love going to the park for a barbecue during the summer or to the border of the Vltava.

In the Czech Republic, I recommend visiting ÄŚeskĂ˝ Krumlov. It’s very beautiful there, even when it’s crowded. Southern Moravia is also really beautiful with a lot of vineyards, like Pavlov. I could also recommend lots of other beautiful and interesting places in Czechia. We have some beautiful caves and mountains close to the border of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. You can’t be bored there.

Vyhlídka Máj, Teletín-Czech Republic

What is your life’s dream?

My dream is to be independent and travel because I love to discover new countries and meet new people. Why not tour the whole world in one-day?!

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

I think that in 5 years I want to be a better person than I am now. I want to improve my skills and my world vision. I want to be fully satisfied with my life. We shall see.

Finally, would you suggest Foreigners.cz as a great place to work for someone on the job market?

Definitely, yes! I know this sounds clichĂ©, but I think Foreigners.cz is a great place to work. It’s a place which connects ambitious, passionate people, who like personal growth, and are constantly working hard on themselves, every day. On top of that, the working environment is really friendly. We have many team building activities, and hangout together outside of work as well. I feel like all of this is in balance which is very important for me.

Good luck in the future!

Edited by Marq Edward Shafer – Foreigners.cz Prague PR Coordinator





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  1. Yes, he is a great person. I have been in contact with Martin in more than one occasion for work. He is very helpful and full of life. He is honest, sincere and loves his job
    Thanks Martin.

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