Celebrating Easter Across Europe: A Rich Tapestry of Traditions

 All over Europe, people get excited for Easter and have different ways of celebrating it. This makes Easter special in each country, showing off Europe’s rich mix of cultures and history. From the quiet walks in Spain to looking for eggs in the UK, every place has its own special way to celebrate Easter. Let’s take a closer look at how some countries in Europe enjoy this spring festival.

Easter traditions in Europe

Italian Easter: A Spectacular Fusion of Faith and Festivity

Easter, or “Pasqua,” is a big deal. There’s a famous event in Florence called “Scoppio del Carro” where a cart full of fireworks is set off to wish for a good farming year. Also, in Rome, the Pope leads big gatherings that people from all over the world come to see.

Easter in Spain: Processions and Passion

Spain has “Semana Santa,” known for its amazing walks through the streets that show stories from the Bible. Places like Seville are transformed into open-air stages for these moving and beautiful events.

Greece Easter traditions: Lighting Up Traditions

Easter is Greece’s  most important holiday. People light candles at night, watch fireworks, and have big meals together. A common sight is the roasting of lamb on Easter Sunday, which is about sharing and starting anew, along with “tsoureki” (a special Easter bread) and red eggs.

Easter in Europe
Some Greek families use the red egg to make a cross on the foreheads of children or family members to bless the person with health and protection for the year ahead

French Easter celebration: Bells, Chocolates, and Chimes

France has a cute tradition where the church bells go quiet on Good Friday and then on Easter Sunday, they “come back” with chocolates and sweets for kids. France is also great at making chocolate eggs and other Easter treats.

Easter in United Kingdom: Bonnets and Egg Hunts

The United Kingdom celebrates with egg hunts, Easter bonnets (decorative hats), and eating hot cross buns on Good Friday, mixing the religious parts of Easter with fun family activities.

Easter in Europe

Easter in the Czech Republic: Whips, Eggs, and Spring Celebrations

The Czech Easter has a playful tradition where boys and girls lightly whip each other with willow branches on Easter Monday. This is thought to bring health and youth. Women then give the boys decorated eggs or sweets. Easter markets and egg painting make this celebration bright and joyful.

Easter in Europe

Bulgarian Easter: Dancing and Egg Fights

In Bulgaria, people paint eggs on Maundy Thursday, starting with a red one for health and luck. They also have “egg fights” to see whose egg is the strongest. After the midnight church service, there’s a feast and on Sunday, a dance called “hora” that brings people together in happiness.

Easter in Europe
Eggs battle in Bulgarian traditions

Easter in Romania: Light, Love, and Life

Romania’s Easter celebrations has deep religious traditions. Starting on “Great Thursday,” eggs are painted. The big moment is the “Resurrection” service at midnight on Saturday when people share candles, showing Jesus’s return to life. Easter meals often include lamb, talking about themes of sacrifice and starting again.


The diverse Easter celebrations across Europe highlight the rich cultural tapestry of the continent. Easter in Europe is a vivid festival that transcends boundaries, bringing people together in a shared spirit of joy and festivity. Through these varied customs, we witness the universal appeal of Easter and its ability to unite people in celebration of life and new beginnings.

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