Day 21 of Advent: Veselé vánoční hody

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without carols. While many people prefer modern Christmas songs, it’s usually the traditional carols people prefer to sing. After all, they are usually much less difficult to sing as they – at least in most cases – don’t require large vocal range and good singing skills. Not everybody can, for example, manage to sing the main song from Tři oříšky pro Popelku. So it is no wonder that the carol Veselé vánoční hody is one of the most popular ones in the Czech Republic.

A Bit About the Carol

While Veselé vánoční hody is a very popular Christmas carol, there is not much to say (or write, in this case) about it. This carol is, just like the carol Nesem vám noviny, a folk carol whose author is unknown. Maybe it has an interesting story behind it but there is no record of it, or at least not a record widely available to the public (otherwise I would be able to find it).

Unlike the carol Nesem vám noviny, however, Veselé vánoční hody is actually quite short. Only in the case of Nesem vám noviny, just the first verse is usually sung, whereas in the case of Veselé vánoční hody the first three are known and sung. This means that, since the carol has four verses in total, only one verse is left out. 

And what is the carol about? Just like the vast majority of carols, this one is about Baby Jesus too. The first verse is about Baby Jesus being born. The second one is about him being poor and bringing clothing to people as gifts despite not even having nappies to wear and candles to light. The third verse is about shepherds coming to visit and praise him and the last verse, that is usually not sung, says that “we are also rushing to visit and sing to Baby Jesus in Bethlehem”.


Veselé vánoční hody
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