Never Get Lost Again with This App!

The public transportation system in the Czech Republic is known for being one of the best in Europe. It may be organized, very timely and cheap, but it can be hard to use if you are new in Prague or don’t speak Czech. Things are also constantly changing and the information displayed at tram/bus stops on the yellow form (which means something has changed) is only in Czech.

One option is to go online to and read about the changes and find a new route. Or you can use their free app.

The app is called Jizdni Rady and you can find and download it from Google Play Store. Once you have the app, you need to make sure that it knows that you’re in Prague – do this by searching Praha to Praha. Once it knows where you are all you need to do is enter a bus, tram or metro stops which you are at, and the one you are trying to get to. It’s very simple.

You can also choose time of departure or arrival and the date if you’re looking for a specific day (weekends and holidays have irregular schedules). When you enter all the information – most commonly just the stops from and to, it will show you a list of trams, how long until they come, when they come, how many stops and transfers and the total travel time.

I’ve lived in Prague for 19 years and I still use this app every day. It will show you shorter routes and is updated immediately in case of sudden changes. It does underestimate how fast people walk, so if you need to transfer to the metro, you might be able to get a faster one if you run, but otherwise it is quite flawless.