Cyrilska Loft Apartments: Move in Only with a Suitcase!

Are you fed up with ordinary apartments lacking any advantages of the lease? Are you looking for something better than a standard flat? If you answered “yes” Cyrilska Loft Apartments is the best solution for you.

Travel easy, travel free

First of all, there is a huge benefit for Cyrilska tenants: a shared car for free! Traveling has never been easier. No making a journey with heavy shopping bags by public transport anymore. No waiting for a suitable bus connection when going shopping to Avion or Olympia parks. And what about driving to work on a cold or a rainy day? This is definitely a way how to make your life in Brno as much comfortable as possible.

A shared car is one of the huge benefits for Cyrilska’s residents.

The perfect location of Cyrilska Loft Apartments has been mentioned in the previous blog post. Choosing public transport for your travels in Brno is a good idea when you want to go to the city centre in rush hours.

However, as a happy resident at Cyrilska, you can also enjoy the ride on a borrowed bicycle for free to zig-zag down the city. By using the online application you just open the lock and ride to your office or to an appointment with your friends.

Now, let’s move to the other strong points. How expensive is to buy furniture when you are moving to a new location? Do you want to spend your money and time by endless searching followed by complicated delivering to your home?

We guess not. That’s why there is the comfortable FULLY FURNISHED accommodation ready for you!

All suites at Cyrilska are fully furnished.

As you can see, these brand new loft apartments of different sizes can welcome people who arrive in the Czech Republic only with a suitcase. Each suite is fully equipped with well-designed furniture made from quality materials. Looking for the closest store to buy dishes or travel to IKEA is not necessary for Cyrilska renters. In a fitting kitchen corner, you find everything, starting with a glass just perfect for the Moravian wine and ending with a spoon for stirring your morning coffee which you can drink while enjoying the fresh air on a balcony or terrace.

Eager to work? When you enter the Cyrilska Loft Apartments residence you are able to start sending emails immediately because of the free wifi provided in the complex. Those who need a high-speed internet connection can pay extra. Control your business while sitting on your sofa!

Quiet room in the city area

Do you like to listen to the same music that your neighbors like and that you hear every day because of thin walls?

Probably not. At Cyrilska, you won’t be interrupted by your neighbors and vice versa thanks to the quality brick building’s character.

Windows facing a side street make the apartments an ideal place for relaxation.

When you live in the city centre or close by, opening a window is usually a bad idea punished by loud traffic and a typical hustle. In Cyrilska apartments, you can sleep calmly with an open window. The closest tram stops in a different street (but only 3 minutes walk from the place). In addition, all windows of the smaller flats are situated in a quiet courtyard with a gate. Nobody without keys can get in.

Visit our website to learn more about this unique concept of living in Brno.

Written by: Markéta Pokorná

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