Exploring the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not as small as you think and Prague isn’t the only cool place to see. If you’ve never been outside of Prague then I recommend checking out the other big cities first.

Bees in Brno:

Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic and it was the home town to Gregory Mendel. Mendel is a globally known scientist and Augustinian monk who studied pea plants and bees and made important genetic discoveries. You can learn more at the Mendel museum.

But Brno is not just known for its bees. There are a lot of museums, galleries, great cafes and a wild nightlife! You can get inspired for a Brno trip here.

Pubs in Plzen:

Plzen is the home to the famous Pilsner. You can visit breweries and pubs but there don’t miss out on the architecture and galleries. Plzen is a very artsy city and you can often find experience cool events in the beautiful main square. Of course the beer is an important aspect of the city. So if you like October fest, make sure to visit Plzen for the Pilsnerfest – it is much cheaper and just as fun!

Raft in Cesky Krumlov:

Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful Czech cities. It is much smaller than Prague but with just as much to see. You should go for two days, one for exploring the city and another for exploring the river. There are many different water sports that you can try out. My favorite was rafting – it is very cheap, extremely fun and a whole different kind of adventure. Czechs are big on rafting and camping and I recommend everyone to give it a try.


Caviar in Karlovy Vary:

Karlovy Vary (UPDATED on September 21: the link was removed from the website) is visited by tourists from all over the world. It is pretty much a spa city that offers a variety of different wellness programs. There are mineral springs all over the city and you can drink the water for free. The water is said to contain healing properties and you can find springs producing it in different temperatures. The caviar part is mostly a joke – the city has a lot of Russian owned businesses and you can eat some tasty meals from Russia and other eastern European countries.

Big America:

If you’re coming to the Czech Republic from America, why not visit the Czech’s very own Velka (Big) America? It’s a beautiful limestone quarry that looks like paradise on earth. It is commonly visited in the summer and some people try to climb down and swim in the lake – this is not recommended because it is very dangerous. You can enjoy it full without taking the risk.

Little Switzerland:

If you visit Big America why not also check out little Switzerland? It is also known as Bohemian Switzerland and it is a park full of crazy rock formations. It’s great for a hike in the summer or even fall when the leaves are colorful and it’s less hot.