Couple’s Therapy Can Avoid Stress and Arguments

Is your relationship problematic?

Couple’s therapy is most often sought after by long-term partners, homosexual couples and married couples who are experiencing obstacles in their relationship and wish to address them accordingly. Relationship-based difficulties, as opposed to personal ones, are the most suitable for couple’s therapy application.

The aim of couple’s therapy is to engage the partners in discussing their problems in an open and civilized manner. This therapy can help solve various coexistence issues as well as partnership conflicts, thus improving empathy for each other along with the necessary communication. In essence, it opens doors to better mutual understanding and to see issues through the other partner’s viewpoint.

Therapists providing couple’s therapy have a different approach to psychotherapists whose primary focus is to each individual separately. However, there are parallels that can be drawn between the two too. These involve the basic principle of establishing a safe environment throughout therapy as well an overall accepting attitude of the therapist.

CMC Prague couples therapy

Requirements for successful couple’s therapy

Couple’s therapy differs from individual-based therapy in its very core and it is therefore important to ensure the following are understood to ensure effective therapy:

● Couple’s therapy, as opposed to individual-based therapy, focuses on solutions for “us” and not just “me” and “you”

● Despite conflicts and situations which cause coexistence problems, both partners should have at least the basic motivation to work on maintaining and saving the relationship.

● Partners should be capable of meeting with the therapist and agreeing on a common target as the basis of discussions. This could result in a controlled break-up or ideally, in a mutually beneficial solution to help them solve the crisis they are experiencing.

It is important for the therapist to create an atmosphere where both partners feel that they are treated equally and that they are given adequate amounts of time to express their emotions, needs, and opinions. A professional therapist does not judge or reject their opinions. The therapist’s role lies in gaining a deep understanding and not judging who is right or who is wrong. This should be achieved by maintaining an independent position throughout. The goal should always remain to achieve a solution that ultimately works for both.

CMC Prague couples therapy

Why therapy?

Couple’s therapy will help you better understand the core of the issue at hand and make it possible to solve it, saving your relationship too.

  • The partners are able to explain their problems with a professional in the room eliminating fighting and undesired verbal exchanges.
  • Through therapy and communication, both partners can learn to better understand the situation, their own views as well as those of their partner.
  • Elaborating on the explanation of their take on the situation by each of the partners often uncovers key problems, most commonly occurring due to their varying interpretations of reality.

How frequently should therapy sessions take place?

The actual number of required sessions does not exist. A solution may be reached in five, ten or a year full of sessions. However, we recommend that couples visit couple’s therapy once a week for several months, often depending on how both partners approach it and how it evolves. The therapy itself requires time and commitment and can help you maintain and save your relationship. If it cannot be saved, couple’s therapy can help you leave your partner in a dignified manner while maintaining a close person that you love.

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