Coronavirus in Czechia: Foreigners With Expired Visas and Permits Allowed to Stay, Non-EU Nationals May Enter after May 11

In the last couple of weeks, the Czech government has been easing the restrictions and countermeasures previously introduced to fight the coronavirus. Due to the positive development of the pandemic situation, some of them were lifted a lot sooner than it was originally planned. Among these, for example, is the permission for foreigners to stay in the country until July 17 even if their visa or residence permit expires.

Staying in the country until July 17 without visas or residence permit

Possibly the most important and recent change is that all foreigners will be allowed to stay in the Czech Republic until July 17 even if their visa or residence permit expires during the state of emergency. These people won’t have to contact the Czech foreign police to have their visas or residence permits extended. Instead, at the time of their departure, they’ll receive an “exit stamp”, which will confirm the legality of their stay in the Czech Republic. This exit stamp will help them transit back to their home country without being penalized. The exit stamps are being issued by the Czech foreign police from May 4.

This does not mean, however, that their visas and residence permits will be prolonged automatically. Those expats who intend to stay in the country even after July 17 and need assistance with the extension process can contact us here.

Also, this 60 days time limit is not applicable for extension of employee cards – these must be extended in time. Therefore, if you meet the conditions for the extension of your employee card, submit the application via post as soon as possible so you can stay on the Czech territory until the status of your employee card is confirmed officially.

Changing employer

If you finish your job in the Czech Republic during the current state of emergency or 60 days before that (before March 13) and you are changing the employer we have good news for you. Newly, you have 60 days from the end of the state of emergency (May 17 currently) to find a new job that will allow you to apply for your new employee card. Find more details here(UPDATE, May 20: The document was removed from the Ministry’s website).

Despite extended border controls, the Czech government agreed to lift a ban on international bus and train travel.



Border controls extended, non-EU nationals allowed into the country

While many restrictions are being lifted, on May 4 the government decided to extend border controls up until June 13. At the same time, it was also agreed that people residing in the Czech Republic will be allowed to cross the borders with neighboring countries from May 11. Previously, only Czech workers working abroad were allowed to cross the border.

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The government has also relaxed the regime for the third country nationals (non-EU citizens) who can enter the Czech Republic from 11 May if they produce a negative test for COVID-19 upon their arrival. These are, for example, seasonal employees in agriculture or workers in health and social services.

The government’s decision on letting EU citizens return to the Czech Republic without having a residence permit still remains in place.

Despite extended border controls, the Czech government agreed to lift a ban on international bus and train travel from May 11.

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Source of the information: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior
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8 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Czechia: Foreigners With Expired Visas and Permits Allowed to Stay, Non-EU Nationals May Enter after May 11

  1. Thank you very much for your detailed information. I would like to know when the work permit visa process will kick start. I mean could you provide me an indicative time line. Thank you

    1. Hi Venkatesan,

      thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, I have no details but Czech embassies and consulates have already resumed accepting visa applications. If you need more information you can contact my colleagues at or click here – my colleagues have more information on this and will gladly help you 🙂

      Kind regards,


  2. Hello mam!!! What rules are changes for foreigners who is out of czech Republic due to state of emergency?? Recently I am in nepal its been 3 months and I have temporary residence card till october 2020 and i don’t know about my tax still it paid or not??? Could you please tell me it will be the problem after returning to Czech Republic or not???? Waiting for you response….

    1. Hello Sonu,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on this topic. However, my colleagues are in touch with some of our ministries, so they might be able to help you – you can get in touch with them at or schedule a consultation.

      Kind regards,


  3. What about extension about my Visa? Can I do it during this 60 days?
    What do I need to send with the Post Office?

    1. Hi Ariana,

      it should be possible but there is no specific information accessible to the public so I am not 100 % certain. However, my colleagues are in touch with the Ministry of the Interior and will be able to help you with this, so you can try to contact them at or schedule a consultation. Hope this helps 🙂

      Kind regards,


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