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One of the visions is to break down barriers between people of different nationalities. There are many options how to do that: cultural events, language lessons, or sport. Football is a popular activity for many men and boys (and also women and girls!) all over the world. „Football is an international sport and I believe it helps understanding each other,“ says Martin Stoss, the founder of More Footbal Academy in Brno.

More Football Academy runs lessons for both children and adults.

More Football Academy is located in the Park pod Plachtami in Nový Lískovec district. There you find its new grass playground, one of the best ones in Brno, currently. More Football Academy is more than just football, though. It’s a project aimed at education and work with young ones with the assistance of football.

„We have young instructors who know that if you want to improve something you must like it. That’s why we make sure that our trainings are big fun!“ claims Martin Stoss who has been playing footbal since he was a 10 years old boy. „I have always enjoyed being outside and kick a ball with friends. Friendship is particularly important during childhood. Having a group of friends who accept you and respect you can have a positive impact,“ he stands.

The founder of More Football Academy Martin Stoss and one of the little players

Although More Football Academy is directed at children and youth, mainly, it also provides individual trainings for those adults who want to work on themselves or who are not satisfied in the lessons in their football clubs. „At present, we organize a school tournament for the Kamínky Elementary School and Pomněnky Kindergarden. I can uncover that from September we will cooperate with the International School of Brno that work with foreigners, exclusively,“ discloses the founder Stoss.

You can try a training for free at More Football Academy. There is a proper background and the academy has qualified coaches who completed a coaching licence from UEFA. Trainings in English are included in the offer. „We want everyone to feel good at us, no matter from which country he comes from. Therefore we have visitors from Syria, India, and Poland. In summer we welcomed footballers from England,“ specifies Martin Stoss.

The playground of More Football Academy is situated in the Park pod Plachtami, Nový Lískovec district.

His academy is unique not only for the high-quality playground or being English friendly. „We are special because of friendly and individual approach to the players and parents, too. There is a very positive atmosphere which you notice in the very first lesson. We communicate with kids a lot. We ask them how they feel the particular tasks they do and how they benefit them. They find the answers by themselves which is the best way how to learn,“ the head of the project explains. Stoss himself is not an active football player anymore but he tries to be involved in the trainings as much as he can.

„It’s both time and mental consuming because if I want to be good in my job I need to educate myself and be open to opportunities. Football has been part of my life. When I realized my active career was going to end I knew I wanted to keep in touch with this sport. I had my dream and all the inspirative people around me. Thanks to that I got an idea how to make my dream come true. That’s what I really like about it. It’s not about to have a dream. The crucial is to go for it.“

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  1. Dear
    Hello I am Faisal good player 19 year old my dream his become a player in a club
    and I am coming to the Czech Republic specifically Hradec Králové , I only speak English
    so I hope you find my dream
    Best wishes

  2. Hello,i am muhd amin from malaysia..i am 18 years..i am very interest to playing football but i dont have much money to go to academy..i can play fooball better but sometime i am not convinced with myself but if i get a chance to playing football anywhere..i will do it with i am not work and just training football every day because i want to be the best football player and that is my dream..i hope later i can get to play football anywhere because is my life..sorry my english is bad..thank you

  3. Am Vincent from Ghana living in Spain.
    21yrs .
    Am an attacking midfielder and defending as well.
    Looking for a football club to join.

  4. I’m Zakari living in Ghana am born on 25th May, 2004 talented in football. And I would like to play football in Czech Republic especially more football academy. Looking forward to your positive results.

  5. I’m john from Nigeria I love and have passion for football and would like to join football club I don’t have money but promise to make things happen am 20years old my role is forward
    I speak English only and will be waiting for your message ,thank you and God bless you

  6. hi my name is Gabriel Klempar I’m from England. I’m living in England since I was 12 I’m normally born in Czech republic I’m 18 years old when I was living in czech i was playing for Sk Semily when I was 4 till 12 then we moved to England, I was playing for Newcastle United for 2years and would like to play for Czech team and national team of Czech. I speak Czech and English. my role is centre midfielder or toward. I wish to play in czech republic again

  7. Football Academy kiev develop meal and training plans fit for each trainee.

    Special host coaches and assistants from different teams bring diversity into the training process and carefully follow the players to see if some may potentially join their club. After the players go through a physical training, the coaches go through tactical strategy with them.

    The team trains 4 times a week.

    Participants of the program have the chance to play in official league games in Czech Republic, local tournaments and most probably will take part in international competitions as well.

    International Football Academy complies with the highest modern sport standards. Our special ingredient is the team spirit and individual approach to every member, what guarantees success for both beginner and professional players. We equally care for high training level and achievement of best possible results.

    The cost of the program 3000$ which will be paid on arrival includes the following equipment:

    One set of training uniform
    Two sets of game uniform
    One football sport wear
    Sports bag
    Combination of your talent, ambitions and effort is the key to the football career in Europe.

    English courses

    This language course is intended for university entrance to the best schools in the Country and also help build players communication skills with country men.

    Besides English language students in small groups (about 17 students) study ukrainian language and Mathematics which will be an additional advantage when they apply to a university. It will also greatly facilitate the studies at a university initially. Courses are taught by experienced, qualified professors .

    Academic year:
    15.9.2018 – 7.6 2019

    Winter semester:
    15.9 – 18.12 (14 weeks)
    20 hours of language courses per week (English language + ukraine language)

    Summer semester:
    15.1 – 7.6 (21 weeks)
    20 hours of language courses per week (English language + ukraine language)

    Academic plan:

    English language – 500 hours, compulsory attendance
    English language (verbal communication skills) – 140 hours, non-compulsory attendance
    Ukraine language – 60 hours, compulsory attendance
    Ukraine language (verbal communication skills) – 40h, non-compulsory attendance
    Math – 60 hours, non-compulsory attendance.
    After completing the course, students take an exam and receive a certificate of national standard.

    Services included in the price:

    Help with collecting documents for the embassy and filling in a long-term visa application form to Ukraine (2018/2019 academic year). From our side we provide all necessary documents (confirmation of study and confirmation of accommodation).
    Provide medical insurance for a period of study. Insurance is not included in the program price and is paid by the student separately. The price of insurance depends on the amount of accidents it covers.
    Meeting in kiev and transfer to the place of stay:
    Organization of student’s meeting at any time or any place of arrival (airport, bus or train station in ukraine);
    Providing students with ukraine SIM card.
    Accommodation in ukraine
    Provide students with accommodation for the whole period of study (the monthly cost of accommodation is around 110 EUR);
    Students may stay at the accommodation place during the whole period of study.
    Registration in foreign police for international students within the first 3 days.
    Orientation program after arrival to ukraine
    Introductory sightseeing tour around kiev with the club supervisors (orientation around the city, shopping malls, currency exchange points, restaurants, etc.);
    Provide student with a transport ticket for 2 months;
    Organization of cultural program:
    Orientation evening
    Excursion around ukraine
    Visiting museum or exhibition
    Excursion along kiev
    Organization of sport activities ( football)
    Trip to scout competition.
    Farewell dinner
    Consultation about the chosen schools in Ukraine
    Help with an application form to the chosen university;
    Consultation services about universities.
    If necessary, we will help to arrange all medical assistance as soon as possible and translate doctor’s comments from Ukrainian language. Health insurance policy is required.
    During the period of study assistance and consultations are free, including the questions about accommodation, work and visa regulation.
    Help with nostrification (recognition) of secondary and higher education documents.

  8. I am from Pakistan
    Its my dream to become a pro footballer .Because i am talented in football . But I dont have a lot of money to join a private football academy in europe & there is no good academy in my country that i can join.I have completed my scondry education.I am 16 year old.
    I hope you would take interest in application

  9. I have good footballers who are interested in playing football in Czech. How can we go ahead and achieve the great goal.

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