City center parking changes in Brno

The general change in the regulations for car parking in the city center of Brno already takes effect. From 15th November, locals and visitors have to pay for parking in the center until 22 pm. Until now, the drivers had to pay only till 6 pm.

The change affects only the time period within which one should pay for parking, but not the price. It remains the same: 30 CZK per one hour and 15 CZK for up to 30 minutes standing.

Parking lot in Brno city center
Parking lot in Brno city center

The officials are going to monitor people’s willingness to adjust to the new parking regulations and the overall effect of them from November 2015 till April 2016. In addition to the alteration of the parking rules, the Municipality will introduce also a new web application which should help the drivers in finding a free spot easier. The local governors believe that it will be most useful for the residents of the historic center of Brno. People who live in the area between the streets Koliště, Moravské náměstí, Husova, Nádražní, Benešova a Malinovského náměstí, could use the free intelligent parking application to search for a vacancy place near their homes.

Till now, such system has never been used in Central Europe. However, there won’t be any changes in the regulations for parking in the city center for the people who live there. The prices and the conditions remain the same. The officials believe that this new parking system could bring some benefits to the residents. They think that the visitors won’t be willing to pay for parking in the center in the evenings so the residents will have more places to park.

More changes from April 2016

And the new rules are only the beginning of the changes. From 1st April next year, the Municipality is going to increase the number of the residential parking areas within the whole city. The districts which will be covered are: Brna-střed, Králova Pole, Židenic, Starého and Nového Lískovce, Bohunice and Ořešína. The parking places in those areas will be available also for visitors after buying a parking ticket, but the residents and firms, situated there, will be allowed to use them for free or for cheaper. The main aim of all changes is to relieve the city traffic and to decrease the number of cars in the city center and the close districts.


Author: Nadya Dyakova, PR intern of Brno 


Nadya Dyakova

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