Christmas Party

Christmas party in Prague

This Saturday 8th December was the Christmas Party for all of the offices. During the day, every team had formal discussions about their work. I met colleagues for the first time, and at the end of the day I took the opportunity to ask for their constructive feedback. We had a dinner together and continued to get to know each other better.

The dinner

The Christmas party

The next step was meeting in Café Domecek, it is the place where the first Meetup occurred and I enjoyed this time.  (Don’t forget, we are looking for you this Thursday for the Meetup of Christmas here.)

In Café Domecek we continued the presentations, and I had interesting conversation with my colleagues on what is their favorite beer.  Of course for Czechs it depends on the city where you grew up,because you are always proud for the beer produced in your town or your region, like Italians or French with football.

Pleasure to be together

After this little digression on the beer, we continued to the end of the formation. It was a bit difficult to follow the presentation because it was in Czech. But fortunately, Martin, my colleague from Pilsen gave me a translation during the presentation.

Vojta the co-founder of continued with the creation of foreigners in 2009, and presented everybody who joined the team in each city. It was a funny presentation of each member, like prince and princess in several kingdoms. It was good to catch the attention and we can see the feeling of the collusion between each member of


The next part is maybe the most interesting. We had a distribution of a booklet in Czech and in English. In this booklet there were three different visions of, where we go, where people of the team want to go. Each one expressed what was his vision, the most important sentence and why. It was really interesting because each vision is human. It is a clever way to say what is your motivation; why are you working; why you are doing that, and finally it was time for Andrea’s presentation, the partner co-founder of

Everybody was really touched, even the emotion was intense, but she said the essential, it is not only a cultural company to work like a family but it is a style of life, it was the profound idea of her speech. You cannot be successful in this work if you don’t like people, the project is based on human interaction, so it makes perfect sense. The priority and the main goal is feeling good together, understand your work to be good in your work, and to be useful with people you can help. Together we are stronger, we understand better the other, you understand your difficulties and you are open minded.

It was a great party and the teams are a little more welded in end of this year. I hope everyone has the chance to be treated with humanity in your work or at least recognized for his efforts in his work and personal life at the end of the year. This is all the luck that I wish you, because usually when we are well in our work we are well in our life.

After this intense moment, we have continued the party, discussing and exchanged gifts. Everybody had a lot of fun. For the more courageous they continue to the night clubs.

Exchange gifts

To conclude

It is not easy to describe an event, and less easy with my point of view. I was touched by the invitation, my conclusion is you can’t fall on your way if you take care of each other. I give you an invitation to the rendezvous tonight at 7:00 PM in Café Domecek just here with you expats, locals, students in Prague. We are going to have a good time and continue to make a great meeting at this Christmas Meetup.

Tonight we will have a big Meetup, our friends from Brno and Hradec Kralove organised their Christmas Meet up too and we will be connected. So it is not too late, come-on everybody 🙂

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