Burning of the Witches

On the 30th of April many European countries, like Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Estonia celebrate Walpurgis night (Walpurgisnacht in German). Czech Republic has its local version – “burning of the witches” or Čarodějnice (‘witches’ in Czech). The 30th of April is the day, when winter is officially over and is brought to the end by the burning of straw witches on bonfires around the country.

Witch riding a broomstick
Witch riding a broomstick (cercueilscarton.blogspot.com)

Čarodějnice is a perfect occasion to dress up and spend the afternoon outside, enjoying the “burning” ritual. Every district of Prague holds a special event, just check it online. In case nothing catches your eye, try the opening party at Žluté lazně or Containall at the bank of Vltava river.


Annie Fed