Brno faces jaundice disease

The biggest epidemic of “yellow fever” in the last two decades is spreading throughout Southern Moravia, especially in Brno and its surroundings. Last week, doctors and hygienists recorded 97 people who were infected with the “illness of dirty hands” from Spring, another 400 people had been vaccinated quickly for this illness.

The problem is that nobody knows when the epidemic is going to stop. It’s not about contagion from food, therefore there is no “epicenter” that could be discarded. The disease can be everywhere.

Virus could be expanded from food
Virus could be expanded from food

“We expect that it will spread further, because we are in a time of family vacations, summer holidays and festivals where the large numbers of people occur and hygiene is very oblivious,” said County Health Officer Renata Ciupek.

Brno virus, discovered recently, arrived from abroad. “Three months ago, the virus got into the group of drug addicts and the homeless people, because they could move freely around the city, penetrated among the general population,” Renata Ciupek described the escalation of the epidemic.

The great danger of jaundice is that it is transmitted simply by touching – just holding the handle on the tram, handrails on escalators or taking the handle after a sick person – and infection can be brought home.

Hygienists have sent out warnings to doctors and large health centers, many surgeries hanging leaflets warning and instructions on how to properly wash their hands.

“Many people underestimate the disease and think that it can be brought from an exotic vacation, but do not know that they can be infected in their home country,” says another Brno Medical Health Radka Boháčová.

“Fast” vaccination which can help you within a week

Practically everyone is in danger, but most of those who work among people on the margins of society, where they may get the virus from sick people. They should get vaccinated preventively in the first place.

Hepatitis virus
Hepatitis virus

“So I would advise vaccination for people who work in the food industry or catering facilities, canteens and restaurants. If you had come into contact with an infected person, you must stay  in quarantine for 50 days, even if you don’t get sick, “notes Boháčová.

The number of patients is constantly changing. Some will recover, but in a week there will be five to ten new cases. “If we make it in a week, we can give them the so-called fast vaccination. It’s not prevention, but most can be protected from virus. Thus, we have vaccinated four hundred people. “said Health Officer Boháčová.

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4 thoughts on “Brno faces jaundice disease

  1. This article is incredibly misleading. Jaundice is not a disease and it’s also talking about hepatitis. Is there actually any need for concern about an epidemic or are you just trying to fill webspace?

  2. Hello, I have written this article based on this article which is in Czech about jaundice
    The purpose is to notice people in Brno to be careful with even the smallest things in public and try to keep hands clean to avoid this kind of disease/epidemic. The reference is from as you see, it’s a reliable website. So I hope from this, the article could be useful for you.
    Best regards.

  3. It’s definitely not Yellow Fever! Even though that sounds right when you translate it from the czech name “žloutenka”. Yellow Fever is a disease one can be infected by in some places in South America or Asia. Please change your title! It’s scaring people! Thanks.

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