Art in Prague

The Czech capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its past and its special architecture.


Indeed, Prague is famous for its red rooftops and its old colored houses, but the historical city is also famous for modern and street art such as the John Lennon wall.  If you are a fan of art Prague is a city for you!

Do you prefer to walk around a museum to see a different kind of art or cross around the city to explore street art? Here you can find what you want!

Street Art

If you live in Prague you have already seen much graffiti by walking around the city. One of the symbols of the city is a graffiti which symbolizes the fight against the communists during the URSS time, the famous John Lennon wall. This wall is very touristic and full of graffiti with the word of piece. It is located in the heart of the Old Town, few steps away from the Charles Bridge, used to be just a random wall. However, in the 1980s, more and more graffiti inspired by the Beatles’ songs were appearing here.

Malá Strana

If you walk around Palmovka you can see the Bohumil Hrabal wall. The house of the Czech writer is full of graffiti where we can see a portrait of the famous writer and some quotes of him but also cats that awaken the personality of the author.


One of the most famous neighborhoods for graffiti is without hesitation the district of Zizkov. Here you can find famous graffiti like the Kafka wall but you can also find much simple graffiti hidden in the street or other beautiful creations like this one:

zizkov graff
Žižkov district

You can find lovely graffiti everywhere in the city, but some areas such as Smichov, Florenc or Holesovice are famous for graffitis. Around the Florenc metro station you can see some big walls with many graffitis and in Holesovice you can find the work of the Point.

FullSizeRender (3)
Karlovo náměstí
FullSizeRender (2)

If you prefer the great artists, Prague will also satisfy you thanks to the works of Pasta Oner that you can find everywhere in Prague, for example in Dejvicka street.



Museum & Art Exhibitions

Because of its history and its cultural wealth, Prague has established itself as a city that counts in terms of art. The Czech capital contains numerous museums and art exhibitions of all kinds. You can find modern art, cubism but also classical one.

First of all, the National Museum is certainly the most famous museum in Prague and the one with the most surprises. Nevertheless, its theme remains the works of the new Renaissance. Unfortunately, it is actually closed for renovation but you can go to visit the other museum of the brand – the Music Museum.

Prague Travel

The Veletržní Palác (UPDATED on October 20th: the link was removed – website not found) is also very popular and interesting. The Trade Fair Palace is the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Prague, presented on six floors inside a marvelous functionalism style building. The Veletrzni Palac will charm you not only with its permanent expositions of 19th and 20th centuries French art, Czech art 1960-1995, 20th-century European art but also with its selected collections of interesting short-term exhibitions.

The gallery of the Prague Castle named the Sternberg Palace (UPDATED on October 20th: the link was removed – website not found) is also a great place to appreciate art in Prague. Here you can find a great collection of ancient art (Greek & Roman) but also medieval art with some canvas of Breughels and Ruben and some Bohemian Miniature. You can also discover the work of the famous artist, for instance Rembrandt and Goya.


If you are more a fan of contemporary and new art you can go to the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. This museum contains many different kinds of art like graffiti, sculptures, videos. They promote new Czech artists and different art.


Do you prefer the universe of Jan Mucha maybe? Good news, he has his own museum! This fascinating and touristic museum features the sensuous art nouveau posters, paintings and decorative panels of Alfons Mucha (1860–1939), as well as many sketches, photographs, and other memorabilia.


See? Prague has many things to show you in the term of art !

Clement Thonneau

Thanks to my studies I was able to travel, especially in Brazil where I learnt that the integration in a country passes by all the small information collected. That's why I take care to help you in your life in Prague through my publications. So, enjoy!

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