Apartment Rental Options in Prague

Prague is a beautiful European capital which attracts a lot of young people and workers from all around the world every year. There are currently almost 500,000 foreigners (UPDATED on November 30: Link removed, website not found) living here. As many people just come and go, you may need some tips to find the right offer when it comes to renting a flat.



In Prague, apartment rental costs generally between 10.000 CZK for a room and 30.000 CZK per month for a nice looking flat, depending on the distance to the city center, the kitchen equipment and so forth. Of course, the closer to the center and the better furnished the apartment is, the more expensive it will be.


Make sure to know if utilities are included in the mentioned price, if not they are around 3.000 CZK per month on average. There is also usually a deposit required by the landlord which is equal to one month rent. Concerning the location, Prague has a good public transport infrastructure so it would be easy to reach the city center even if you’re not living next to it.


That’s why finding an apartment is not that difficult thanks to all the possibilities you might have depending on your budget, your preferences and so on. You have many options on which we will have a closer look.

The first option is to be helped by the company you’re working for, some of them can provide you an accommodation. Actually, few corporations have a 1-month agreement for their newcomers with flat owners and in this case you have the whole month to find something else.


When you’re already in town and had the chance to make friends, you can even ask them (or your colleagues) if they know someone moving out or who wants to rent own apartment. Because of the barrier language, having someone on-site will help you with the translation and it could speed up all the process. Every day there are a lot of people leaving the city so every day brings many opportunities to find your new home!


Prague is a very popular city not only for tourists but also for students/workers as it is in the heart of Europe. For those who have a smaller budget or have no problems living with other people or even for a temporary situation, Facebook groups (Flatshare in Prague with no commission or Flatshare in Prague, for example) are a good alternative to find a room and have the advantage to speak mostly in English.



There are many offers posted by owners who want to propose shared flat/room, but they are often published at the last minute. This option is the most affordable and suitable for those who don’t plan to stay for a long time or for those who are in the meantime looking for something that could match their expectations better.

However, be careful: there are some scammers who show photos that hide defects or try to get some money from you even before you visit the apartment or worse who may not even show up. So, don’t send money or sign any contract before visiting the place.

You can also check Bezrealitky website which gathers offers directly by owners so you won’t pay any agency fees but the website is only in Czech so if you don’t manage the language you will have to be helped.


In case you decide to rent an apartment for yourself, the best choice and the safest is to rely on a professional agency to find what fits with your needs. But the problem is you don’t speak Czech.

Well, we understand. Moving to a new country can be very difficult, but no stress anymore, Foreigners is here to help. To make your relocation more comfortable and easier, we can help you all along this moment, from finding an apartment to immigration assistance, to transportation… we’re not only a real estate agency.



In Prague, we have a team of reliable Relocation Consultants who are in charge to do all the research based on what you want and then come to you with offers. They all speak Czech and English (if not another language) to better communicate between you and the landlord in case he/she doesn’t speak English and when signing the lease contract, which is bilingual at Foreigners.

We can also help you to get an internet installation, assist during apartment handover, provide you a cleaning service after a party so basically everything you need and much more.


To get an idea about the pricing or services proposed, don’t hesitate to check our website.

We wish you good luck in the Czech capital and enjoy!

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