Airport Transport by Foreigners: Get Everywhere on Time!

Leave the frustration of heavy traffic and waiting for a public transportation, especially in the cold days which are typical for the Czech Republic in winter! Foreigners provide comfortable, reliable, safe, and convenient door-to-door transportation to/from Prague, Vienna, Brno or Bratislava or anywhere else you need to travel. We can pick you up and drop you off what your chosen address is: airport, home, hotel, office or a friends’ house. 


Our offer

Our professional English speaking drivers know very well their way around the city and they will be there on time for you. You don’t need to worry about getting lost in town or finding your address wherever in the country. The only thing you should do is to hand your luggage over to the driver, get on and relax. The rest will our experienced drivers will handle. You’ll find superior quality and economical pricing with airport transportation service across the Czech Republic.

You can see general pricing on our webpage: for the routes, for the number of people, or you can request fare quote for your other routes! Then you can enjoy yourself and find out what the Czech Republic offers without a second thought of your arrival and moving around.

Holiday Transportation

Christmas is a magical time to visit a family and friends for the festive period but arriving or departing at Christmas with your heavy baggage full of Christmas presents can be challenging. Due to the holiday season, transport networks in the country are expected to be busy and it can be unpleasant to wait outside in a cold, snowy weather. Fortunately, Foreigners is here to provide an excellent transportation offer. Thereby you can save your time and spend it with your beloved ones without rushing. We suggest checking your route directly before travelling and book advance in order to avoid excessive demand.

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Book online at least 2 days before, wait for confirmation in 24 hours and then when all set, we’ll pick you up from the airport or we arrive at your door, handle your luggage, and get you to your destination on time. Foreigners airport transportation service delivers the best value for you!

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