A French guy in Brno

Making the decision to go to Brno for six months as part of Erasmus as the young French that I am, I was confronted with some ideas that my family or friends have about the Czech Republic. But we find it hard to know the differences regardless of the proximity of the two countries. What separates them is of course the history and political remoteness of the States which were separated by the Iron Curtain until 1989. The Czech Republic has remained in the minds as belonging to all of the country “Eastern Europe”,  a name that is no longer justified today (especially if one examines its geographical position) and to which the Czechs prefer the term “Central Europe”. I noticed that many people had no clear idea about the cultures of these countries that are east of Berlin. For many of us, they are a little mysterious and we can‘t imagine how they are statements of communism. The reason why I came to the Czech Republic is that: I think that it will be a great experience to come alone in a country that I do not know a lot about. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the world, to discover a new country and way of life. I will improve my English. And I am lucky in that I have the help of one of my roommates who is an English teacher. I just arrived 9 days ago to the Czech Republic from Paris (The distance as the crow flies between Brno and Paris is 1040 miles away). In one week I have already visited Prague. My feeling when I arrived to Prague for first time was that this city is wonderful as Paris. I really enjoy walking on the streets of Prague during the night with all the lights of the city. It was funny to cross some people who were talking to me in Czech as if I look like a Czech citizen. I was sleeping in the office in Prague. That showed me the trust that they give me, despite the fact that I am a foreigner who just arrived  a few hours ago.

First Beer
First Beer

I was really lucky to arrive for the teambuilding, because I know that this experience will integrate me into the team. At the beginning of it I felt a little lost with all the new faces. But after some icebreaker games I understand that there are no boundaries to laugh.  And as more days pass, the more I was feeling a great mix to the team. I am really looking forward to the next summer session.

My Czech
My Czech “family”

The team makes all for make me felling at home in Brno, they found me a great flat in the center of the city that I am going to share with two roommates who look really great. The office in Brno is in the Main Street, it is arranged in an open space and that is really great to have for foreigners who come with different problems that all the team takes very seriously to better respond to their problems. I already had a really good time in Brno. I listened to some good music in Metro Music Bar and had the honor to go in backstage like a groupie. And try some really good wine in Brno. I already feel at home thanks of Foreigners.CZ. I hope I can bring my organization skills, my motivation, my cheerfulness, many ideas to organize new events and my academic and practical knowledge to Foreigners.CZ. People were so genuine with me during the team building. I meet so many good and nice people that I do not feel alone anymore. I would go far as to say that I feeling Like I am at home. The adventure is just beginning. Tonight is The International Student Ball with all the team of Foreigners.cz from Brno. See You


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