A Few Reasons that Will Make You Consider Choosing Foreigners’ Services

If you ever wondered why is that you might need our services and what’s the big deal with relocation and administration in a new country that you could not handle on your own, here are a few real cases of people that ran into troubles due to the language barrier and the misunderstanding of Czech laws, and later came to us asking for our help. If you are still hesitating whether to use the services we provide or handle it on your own, we would like to give you some motivation :).

Case no.1 – Unpleasant Fine

First, we had a client in Brno that moved to another flat, however, he forgot to change his registered address at the MOI (Ministry of the Interior) office, and after 3 years the MOI found that out and the person was fined 3000 crowns, to which of course he could have avoided. Our relocation consultants are familiar with the duties of foreigners and advise clients how to prevent such a situation.     


Case no.2 – Loss of Money and Time

Second, dealing with the residence permit at the immigration office is not always easy, let alone in a different language. Two students decided to apply for the visa extension on their own but did not speak Czech. Despite the fact that the application was approved, the language barrier caused that they did not know when to pick the visa up and did not contact the office to ask what to do. Therefore, when the period of picking up the visa expired, they were deported from the country, which of course meant that the students had to suspend their studies and apply for the visa at the Czech embassy again. In result, they spent a lot of money in vain, had to buy airline tickets and besides, missed the whole semester.    


Case no.3/4 – Deportation

Regarding the extension of residence permit, we noticed two cases when students tried to deal with it on their own. The first one had a residence permit for a year but misunderstood the information when to apply for the extension. So instead of applying for the prolongation at the time his residence permit was still valid, he waited until it expired and wanted to apply again in Brno, which he obviously could not. Therefore he had to go back to his country of origin, make an appointment at the Czech embassy, wait at least two months and apply for a visa again, which resulted in the useless loss of money and four months of time. The other one was applying for the extension of the visa at the right time, however, he forgot to submit one document. That’s why MOI set him the deadline 20 days to submit it. Unfortunately, he did not do that, was deported and had to undergo this whole process again.


We are willing to help you so you do not have to experience any trouble.

These situations are very unpleasant and we understand it is hard to be in a new country. That’s why we are willing to help you so that you do not have to experience any of this. We take care of our clients and reduce the probability of these scenarios to the minimum. We assist them during the whole process and communicate with the MOI for their behalf, so if there is something wrong with the application, the MOI informs us and we immediately deal with it.

In a nutshell, if you do not want to worry that you might experience similar situations, do not hesitate to use our services. Contact us by email info@foreigners.cz,  or you can write directly to a particular office depending on your city.  

Jana Šamajová

Dear readers, I am a student at Masaryk University, very fond of languages, books, and nature. I am pleased to share with you some useful information! :)

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