5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Prague

1. Samurai Freshest fish I’ve tasted so far in Prague. The toro sashimi was unbelievable. Huge restaurant with a cool bar with karaoke downstairs. Not too pricey for Prague sushi, and the yummiest sushi I’ve tasted in the Czech Republic! I highly recommend Samurai. 2. Buddha Bar Amazing cocktails and great food. If you’re looking for a trendy ambiance and a fabulous interior décor mixed with good music (often have live DJs) and a great meal or drinks, Buddha Bar is the place for you. Forewarning, Buddha Bar is pricey, so come here on special occasions. Definitely get the dragon roll if you come here. 3. Yami Great sushi bar with yummy rolls and delicious rice bowls. Yami has limited tables so make sure you make a reservation in advance! Get the rainbow roll. 4. OXO Not primarily a sushi restaurant but OXO has sashimi and some really tasty rolls as well. Their cooked food is also to die for. The interior of OXO is quite trendy as well, this would be a great place for a large group dinner or a party. Make sure to order the tuna sashimi as well as the spinach pancakes! 5. Bar Rock This sushi and pan-Asian restaurant is great for a nice dinner. Good food and a good scene.


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