4 Best Mexican Restaurants in Prague

I haven’t decided if I am the only one here in Prague who has been craving some steak fajitas since I’ve touched down. This could be because I am from California where I was raised on Mexican food for 3 meals a day. If I am not the only one, then keep reading to find some of the best Mexican restaurants and my personal favorites at each one. 1.) Cantina  Location: Újezd 38, Prague – Malá Strana, 118 00 Website: http://www.restauracecantina.cz My favorites: Drink: Strawberry Margarita and Original Margarita

My friends and I enjoying the variety on the drink menu!

Appetizer: Chips, Guacamole, and Salsa- Very traditional Mexican appetizer but the Guacamole is the best I’ve had in Prague Entree: Pollo Fajitas- These fajitas can easily be shared among two people to split the rather expensive price of 269 Kc and are absolutely delicious!

A sample of what comes with the Fajitas. (Even comes with guacamole!)

Tips for Cantina: Make a reservation! They are usually booked the day you call (especially if it is a weekend), so make sure to plan ahead of time. Cantina is the most authentic, tastiest Mexican food I’ve found since my 3 months in Europe, and trust me, I’ve tried many Mexican restaurants! 2.) La Casa Blu Location: Kozí 857/15, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město Website: lacasablu.cz My favorites: Drink: Stella Artois for only 39 Kc though they have a wide variety of cocktails, beers, and wine! Appetizer: Chicken Nachos: These aren’t your ordinary nachos either. They were layered with olives, jalepenos, black beans, cheese, and many more delicious toppings! Entree: I once again stuck with my tradition of ordering fajitas, though my sister really enjoyed her three cheese quasadilla!

(Taken from the web) Is a picture of the chicken fajitas I thoroughly enjoyed

Tip: La Casa Blu also typically requires a reservation. I went there on a Friday, which could be the reason it was so particularly busy. This restaurant has a very fun vibe though with colorful walls and fun artwork to admire while chowing down! 3.) Las Adelitas Location: Americka 8, Praha 2 AND Male Namesti 13, Praha 1 Website: http://www.lasadelitas.cz/ My Favorites: Margarita pitcher for 385 Kc. This pitcher is enough to serve around 4 people depending on how much each person is looking to drink. Appetizer: I’ve only tried the chips and guacamole but that has been enough for me! The chips truly stand out from Las Adelitas with their thicker texture, truly making them look and taste like authentic tortilla chips.

The fantastic burrito display at Las Adelitas

Not only do I appreciate a good looking display of food, I also appreciate that this burrito is serviced with salsa, rice and beans. Biting into the burrito, you can tell this meat has been marinated for quite some time, making it moist and full of taste. With a drink, chips and guacamole, and an entree from Las Adelitas, you will walk away stuffed with your craving for Mexican food aptly fulfilled! 4.) Burrito Loco Locations: Stefanikova 230.7, 150 00 Praha- Praha 5 Spalena 104/43, 110 00 Praha- Praha 1 Masna 620/2 110 00 Praha 1- Stare Mesto Website: burritoloco.cz Burrito Loco is closer to a fast food restaurant than sit down Mexican restaurant as the previous 3 listed above. The best part about Burrito Loco is it is nonstop, therefore a great meal to get if you are out late on the town. My Favorites: Entree: Chili Bowl- Start with a bed of rice, and add whatever you choose to make your chili bowl most enjoyable! Burrito: Burrito Loco makes the largest burrito I’ve seen yet in Prague. Add whatever you choose to a large tortilla and enjoy that massive burrito made to your liking.

Burrito Loco logo

Many of you I’m sure recognize the logo shown above as the three locations of Burrito Loco in Prague are placed in fairly busy areas. Have you found any other Mexican Restaurants in Prague? Please comment with the restaurant and your own personal favorites!


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