Our Team Building Winter Session

Our team-building weekend was a three day adventure and a combination of education and fun. The main purpose of the bi-annual trip was to share our experiences with other Foreigners.cz offices in the Czech Republic and discover new ideas and methods of working better and more effectively.

We started on Friday with team-building activities where we met everyone, got to know them and played some competitive team games. Many of us were shy and serious at first but the ice didn’t take long to break!

But it wasn’t all fun and games. We learned a lot of skills and ideas that we now use on a daily basis. We had seminars about getting into the state of flow, where you are happy and productive and can make anything possible. We discused how to get into that state ourselves and how to help others get there.

We also learned about how to work with our emotions. Emotions are often considered to be an obstacle in a work environment. But we all have them and suppressing them doesn’t help anyone. We learned about the main emotions and where they are located on a scale. We trained to work with different kinds of emotions and how to stay on a high emotion when others around you are on the lower end of the scale.

Another useful skill we learned was how to present ourselves and the company. We all set goals to write our personal visions and know what our goals are and how we want others to see us. Slightly related to this was how we express ourselves in emails – we had a quick run through of how to shorten emails and how to focus on the main purpose of the email instead of writing paragraphs of useless text that gives no information and wastes time.

During our long weekend we got to explore the town a little bit. We were staying in Škrdlovice, try saying that three times in a row! We walked past the pretty church, pet a big friendly dog and walked through the beautiful forest to find a large frozen lake. It was a sunny day and the woods looked magical.

Our second and last night there was bittersweet as we watched nostalgic videos from old team building events. We also said goodbye to our colleague who was leaving to have a baby. We cheered things up a bit by celebrating the birthdays of two of our colleagues.

On Sunday before we left, we wrote letters to our future selves and said goodbye to all the awesome people we met. It was a successful weekend that we will never forget, and we hope that what we learned will be reflected in our work with you!

See for yourselves!

The first day, ice breakers and team games:

IMG_3766IMG_3817 IMG_3819IMG_3821

The fun didn’t end with planned activities:


We did some educational stuff too, I promise! Here’s the proof:



We also went outside!

DSC_0841DSC_0857 IMG_3990IMG_3999

All in all, it was a great successful trip! Just look at all these smiles 🙂

IMG_3764IMG_3785 IMG_3811IMG_4009

You can find more photos on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Foreigners.cz?fref=ts