Where to Eat and Drink near Domeq

Domeq, a modern accommodation house in Brno, has its own co-living cooking area which comes in handy especially for common dinners and parties but for all those days when you don’t feel like sharing recipes, we made a list of some interesting places to visit without traveling any far.

  • Industra Coffee

Hidden inside a still operational cold storage facility, Industra Coffee, three times in a row national barista champions, is a reference in town for all coffee lovers.

Location: Masná 9 (1.16 mi), Brno 602 00

Facebook: Industra Coffee

  • Gourmet Cafe

Coffee, local specialties,  and friendly staff are the norm here that goes along with a great range of good food and desserts, all made from selected raw materials.

Location: Škrobárenská 511/3 (0.98 mi), Brno 617 00

Facebook: Gourmet Cafe

  • PEPE Food & Gym

The place to fight the calories (pun intended). PEPE is more than a restaurant, it’s a fitness center with a trainer and a boxing diet that (supposedly) really works.

Location: Škrobárenská 1 (0.95 mi), Brno 617 00

Facebook: Pepegym.cz

  • Poe Poe

This cool place offers cheap and quality meals with sweet delicatessen and menu for all ages.

Location: Dornych 404/4 (0.38 mi), Brno 602 00

Facebook: Poe-Poe-Brno-Dornych

  • Potrefena Husa

As a part of Vaňkovka Gallery, the restaurant is popular for a wide selection of top beer brewers, traditional cuisine, beer dishes and special events listed in the gastronomic calendar.

Location: Ve Vaňkovice 1 (0,55 mi), 602 00 Brno

Website: http://www.potrefenahusabrno.cz/

  • Vaňkovka Gallery

Any time and whatever mood you feel in, Vaňkovka gallery itself brings an extensive range of restaurants and fast food options, Albert hypermarket in the ground floor included.

Location: Ve Vaňkovce 1 (0.55 mi), 602 00 Brno

Website: http://www.galerie-vankovka.cz/en

As if it was not enough, Foreigners still organize several events at Domeq each month with various types of delicious food and refreshments, so feel free to join us. Bon appetit!


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