Where can I use my ISIC?

To begin with, an explanation for all non-students: ISIC is an International Student Identity Card. The name itself suggests ISIC can be used not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. ISIC offers its holders wide range of benefits in the fields of sports, entertainment, culture, travel and many other services the younger generation can be potentially interested in.

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ISIC in the Czech Republic

ISIC is deeply involved in the everyday life of all students in the Czech Republic. No surprise, since ISIC holders get access to the widest discounts network ever. We’ve picked some hot tips for ISIC discounts in the Czech Republic. Saving has never been more fun!

isic discounts czech republic and abroad

ISIC Abroad

The list can be neverending, complete overview of discounts in the Czech Republic can be found at ISIC.cz. If you think Czech Republic has a lot to offer, check out the section of International Isic discounts. More than 125 000 special offers and deals are awaiting for you abroad!

How to get ISIC?

By this time you must be dying of curiosity wondering where to get this magical card ๐Ÿ™‚ There are a few options: to get ISIC through your school or university, to purchase the card onlineย or buy it directly from one of the retailers. Here you can find a map of ISIC retailers around the Czech Republic. Local distributors can be found in almost every Czech city: Prague, Kolin, Usti nad Labem, Brno, Ceska Lipa, Pilsen, Liberec, Pardubice, Jablonec nad Nisou etc.

Another useful card for those living in Prague is Opencard – transport pass for public transport in the capital city. If you need any help applying for Opencard or any personal assistance at the offices feel free to contact us!

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