Trip to Plzen (20.03-23.03)

This trip was possible because of the Teambuilding and the incredible people I meet there. I would like to thank to Lucie T, Martin S and Lucie S. They are another great team of

Life is full of ups and downs. The journey started with a fright. My bus to Prague from Brno had a technical problem. So I was hoping that I would arrive in time for my connection to Plzen. Being late is not really a problem if unless you have a football game which starts at 19H.

I had the chance to attend the Viktoria-Plzen Vs Olympique-Lyonnais football game (thank you Martin). My first impression when I entered the “Doosan Arena” was one of pleasant surprise due to the atmosphere in the stadium. I noticed that Victoria Plzen’s stadium was under renovation. We were 10362 spectators for a capacity of 11700. And I couldn’t have imagined that the Plzen supporters would have been so enthusiastic for their team. One might imagine that a Frenchman would logically support OL. But no, being a Parisian only one team matters for me: Paris-Saint-Germain (easy to say when you have some players like: Z…). So I wanted to see a victory for Viktoria-Plzen. I can now say I have seen this even if the Europa League race for is unfortunately over for them (Despite the game being dominated by the Czech team). From our seats located in the corner we saw literally the majority of the action right in front of us especially the 3 goals (final score 2-1 for Plzen). At the end of the game I appreciated the thanks and dances from the players to their supporters’ faithful. They knew how to give them the support needed to turn around the score (just before half-time O-L scored first). After this really good time, we had a sweet meal waiting for us at home.

The second day I went to the Plzen office for work. Back to reality, it’s Friday. For lunch, I tried my first Czech student canteen. But during the day I had some time to visit the Cathedral Saint-Barthelemy (Katedrála svatého Bartoloměje). It has the highest tower from Bohemia at 102m. So I climbed the 301 steps to reach the top and enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

When the evening arrived I went to the Plzen MeetUp. It was a very nice meeting, all the people was really open mind and great. We played some games, ate and drink some beer (like the local custom). I tried my first Gambrinus beer, which was unfiltered so tasted better. If you haven’t tried it already, it is something you need to do. After this nice shared moment, I went with a friend to a rum bar, and tried some old rum late into the night.

The third day, after a French breakfast (croissant and coffee), and a “French dinner” (cooked by me) we went to the Pivovar Pilsner Urquell brewery. This brewery was established in 1842 since then; brewers from all around the world have sought to emulate the beer. It was enriching to learn more about the process of the beer design.

In the afternoon I finally learned how to make my own maki. Something I’ve always wanted to learn. And this thanks to two Japanese girls. However, they made the rice, the most important thing. So I hope be able to do it by myself and of the same quality.

The last day before I returned to Brno I took a little time to go at the Pivovarské museum, to complete my knowledge of beer and its history since its beginning. And I also played some games, Martin this is (perhaps) the last time you will win at Carcassonne.

During this weekend the weather was like my mood, sunny when I arrived, happy to discover a new city and see friends. And the last day when I left the city of Plzen it was raining…

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