Trip to Olomouc

On 11th of October, I visited the lovely city of Olomouc, a trip organized by our partner Correct Language Centre.

The day started at 9 a.m. in Brno central station where everybody met to catch the train to Olomouc. Useful tip: if you travel in group, you can get discounts in the train tickets.

The travel took 1 hour and 45 minutes, a long trip for only 80 km. Whenever I need to travel in Czech Republic, I definitely will choose the comfort and convenience of the Student Agency Bus, where I have Internet, a plug for the computer, and television, while the train haven’t any of this.

The journey was long, but very nice. We did an icebreaking game to know more about the other people, like what they like or a word that represents them. This helped us to be more comfortable around each other.

During the trip to the city of Olomouc, we played some games while we were looking to find some new places/attractions/monuments to visit. We visited ST. Wenceslas Cathedral, a massive cathedral that you can easily see from far away, and in our way to the city main square, Horní náměstí , we saw the Olomouc Orthodox Church, a very different style from the usual church in Czech Republic.


ST Wenceslas Cathedral
ST Wenceslas Cathedral
Olomouc Orthodox Church
Olomouc Orthodox Church

In Horní náměstí, there are the main touristic spots, like Holy Trinity Column, beautiful fountains along the square, and Olomouc Town Hall, where is the astronomical clock. For the people who already visited the astronomical clock in Prague and want to visit Olomouc, don´t make high expectations. The clock in Olomouc is nice, but is not near beautiful as the clock in Prague.

Holy Trinity Column
Astronomical Clock – Olomouc
Astronomical Clock – Prague

Just before lunch, we had the opportunity to go in the top of the clock tower in the Town Hall. A long, steep and narrow climb. For some reason there are benches in the half way to the top.

For lunch we could choose between “Moravian sparrow”, cabbage and dumplings and chicken steak with mashed potatoes. It was delicious.

To finish the day, we had the opportunity to show our skills in a bowling game. I finish with 136 points, not bad.

I have to thank the organization for the great day in Olomouc, and for the great people that I met.

I will wait for the next trip.


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