3 Tips for a Happier Life Not Only when Being Abroad

There is a Czech proverb saying “as many people, as many tastes”, which means that everyone is unique and one of a kind, with various opinions and desires. And yet, there is one goal that we all have in common and want to achieve in our lives – happiness.

As trivial as it might seem at first glance, a feeling of happiness is an essential ingredient to a fulfilling life, don’t you agree?

Here are 3 tips that you want to consider on your pursuit of happiness:

No. 1: Health Comes First

If your body is healthy and strong, we can aim our energy and attention to the activities that we love. And we feel happy. If we have to struggle with health issues, it brings not that positive thoughts and emotions, even fear. So, taking care of our bodies should for sure be one of our utmost priorities.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly… yeah, yeah, we have all heard that a billion times already, right? 

But have you heard of the 7 pillars for a healthier life? It is an original concept developed by twin dentists Evan and Hana Luskačovy known as DUO SMILE. Throughout their practice they came to realize that everything in our body is connected, one thing affects another, in ways we might be surprised about.

3 Tips for a Happier Life Not Only when Being Abroad
Eva & Hana – the twin dentists from DUO SMILE

Here are examples of 5 out of these 7 pillars. If you want to learn more, don’t miss out on a speech of DUO SMILE at the Better Self, Better World conference this upcoming Saturday, November 30 at Kino Scala.

No. 2: Good Communication = Good Relationships 

Humans are sociable creatures. Being a member of a group gives one a sense of acceptance. Having a partner to go through both good and bad times gives one the strength to pull through. For sure, being around people we love makes us happy. 

But human relationships are so fragile… Sometimes one poorly chosen sentence can destroy what we were trying to carefully build for so long. 

Understanding the basics of how people think and how their thinking affects what they say is a necessary skill needed to build successful relationships. Therefore, the second tip is: get interested, read about the human psyche, about basic mistakes people should avoid when communicating. Try to understand better how people work. There is always room for improvement.


3 Tips for a Happier Life Not Only when Being Abroad
Martin Kolenička – a coach & lector with over 20 years of experience.

Among the abundant sources on this topic let us pinpoint the expertise of Martin Kolenička, a coach and mentor with 20 years of experience in developing people’s communication skills. 

No. 3: Find Meaning in What You Do

Life is short. It may sound cruel but that’s how it is. It matters greatly, how we choose to spend the time that we have, especially because it is limited. Those who devote their time and effort to meaningful activities are rewarded by a feeling of fulfilment. Hanging around and procrastinating might bring a short moment of relief but it won’t give you long term happiness. Find what makes you tick and go do it! Difficult? No, you just probably don’t have the right tools on how to conquer the procrastinator in you! Try these tips from Petr Ludwig, an author of the book The End of Procrastination which has been translated into 15 languages and sold worldwide. Or, come listen to what he has to say on the topic of happiness at work as a keynote speaker at the Better Self Better World conference.


3 Tips for a Happier Life Not Only when Being Abroad
Petr Ludwig – the author of the End of the Procrastination book

To be happy in your life, take matters into your own hands, no one else will do it for you.

Do you want to get practical advice on how to achieve long-term happiness in your life? Join the Better Self, Better World conference which is coming up in a few days – as you are a reader of our blog we share with you a special link where you can get your ticket with a 20% discountclick here.


Author: Veronika Svobodová from Foreigners’ team

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