The Summer Closure of Brno Railway Junction Will Finish by Mid-September

Do you commute to or from Brno via train? If so, September 10th is the date you have been waiting for! On that day, railway repairs at Brno Central Railway Station will be completed and all international lines, fast trains, and regional lines will operate as usual prior to the repairs.

This summer, Lower Station has been serving as a temporary train station.

The 3-month closure since June 3rd has caused headaches and lengthier travel times for many Brno inhabitants. The target of the repairs was the Prague Viaduct (Pražský viadukt) between the Central Station and Židenice. This forced many travellers to use the mysterious Lower Station (Dolní nádraží).

This phantom station is located about 150 meters from the Vaňkovka shopping mall: You walk through the subway under the main train station, then through Galerie Vaňkovka, across the street, and continue to the Lower Station near the bus terminal Zvonařka.

The map of transport precautions in Brno

Another option is to go by buses 60 or 61 which depart from the Central Station every 6 or 10 minutes on working days. Those who don’t have a public transportation pass may use their train ticket instead – valid only on the specific lines connecting the main railway station with other Brno stations.

Extensive repairs of the Brno railway junction are coming soon.

This traffic limitation at Brno Central Railway Station has affected nearly 300 transport connections per day. It is just the prelude to a more complex renovation of the Brno railway junction reconstruction, though.

There are going to be extensive repairs for 2,5 billion CZK in 2018 and 2019. These repairs are intended ensure the functionality of the current main train station until the new central railway station in Brno is built (possibly 10 years from now).

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