The Foreigners Reservation System (FRS)

Expats have to deal with a series of bureaucratic procedures and paperwork in order to live and work regularly in the Czech Republic. When it comes to citizens in need of a visa, things get more complicated.

Foreigners provides professionals services helping people to attain the documents they need on time. Nevertheless, there are a few applications that can – and should – be handled by expats themselves.

This is the case of expats in need of a visa prolongation via the Foreigners Reservation System of the Ministry of the Interior, also known as FRS. The governmental online system allows people to make an appointment with the office in charge of the task by registering on the website.

The registration can only be carried out by a foreign national himself/herself and related family members, and since no third party can step into the process, the single individual (parents and/or relatives included) is in charge of it.

To benefit from the platform, the user has to be already registered at the Ministry of the Interior and possess one of the following 4 documents:

A permanent residence permit.

A certificate of temporary residence for an EU citizen.

A temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen.

A long-term residence permit (or long-term visa) for a stay over 90 days.

On the web page, the user will have to state personal information (name, date of birth, passport N° and related expiring date), district of residence, purpose of stay and Czech telephone number.

Once all fields are filled in, an appointment can be set at one of the offices in Žukovského 888/2 (Prague 6), Hládkov 682/9 (Prague 6) or Cigánkova 1861/2 (Prague 4).

The website is progressively expanding in order to provide new languages, agendas and more Czech regions.

In case of issues, the website recommends to contacting the webmaster via email at the following address:

Good luck with your visa prolongation 🙂


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Nilo Castaldini

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2 thoughts on “The Foreigners Reservation System (FRS)

  1. Would not recommend using these guys. Applied for a permanent visa, only to be told that I hadn’t lived in the Czech Republic long enough. Didn’t stop these guys from taking my money, delivering poor service at every step in the process, had to constantly chase them.

    Best off using a Czech student, just to translate at the Visa Office.

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