The Brno office has moved !

Yesterday, the Brno team moved in new premises. The office is now located on Masarykova 32, 602 00 BRNO. It is easy to find since it is just above McDonalds, on the third floor. It is accessible by public transportation since the train station is a few meters away!

The team has already unpacked and settled in the new office and is looking forward to work in this new space! The place is better than the former one: it is more spacious and dedicated to However, if you come by, it will look familiar: you’ll recognize the peaceful green color on the walls and the furniture.



Yesterday, the team already had the chance to welcome our first customers there! It was a bit chaotic in the morning because there were cardboards everywhere. But bit by bit through the day, the team managed to make the place more welcoming! Of course there are still a few things to hang here and there but the new office looks neat !

To celebrate this new work space, the Brno team would like to invite you to their Office Warming Party on Tuesday, April 7th ! There are some international food and drinks involved along with a photo competition ! More info there. Do not hesitate to join ! Brno, Masarykova 32, 602 00 BRNO (tram stop : Hlavní nádraží)

Nadya Dyakova