Taste Traditional Moravian Punch from the Petratur Winery

It’s hot, has a pleasant scent, and tastes delicious. If you want to get yourself to the right Chrismas mood you must try traditional Moravian punch produced by Vinařství Petratur (Winery Petratur). Their stalls are open at Christmas markets in Brno and Prague.


Vinařství Petratur (UPDATE, September 30: Link was removed – server not found) is located in the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic, called Slovácko. It’s a small family winery run by father and son, Zdeněk and Tomáš Petratur. Since Tomáš is in charge for the Christmas selling points we asked him a few questions.

Where do we find your wooden stalls this Christmas?

We sell our punch and other goodies at Zelný trh (Cabbage Market) in Brno, a stall number 27, right the opposite Grand Moravia store, and in front of the entrance to the shopping mall Palladium in Prague, a corner stall number 16.

tradition moravian punch
In Brno the Petratur winery’s stall is situated at Zelný trh (Cabbage Market).

What kind of punch is the most popular?

Our stall offers 10 types of punch, made of red and white wine with addition of spirit, spices, sugar, and fruit. This year „Císařský punč“ (Caesarean punch), brandy-enriched with mix of almonds and raisins, is a smash.

Which punch would you personally recommend? What shall your costumers try for sure?

I would say a pear punch with home-made preserved pear and pear liquor. It’s a total blast! 😉

Petratur Winery
Dried fruit belongs among the ingredients of traditional Christmas punch.

What about the stall crew – are they allowed to have a drink in their working hours, to warm themselves?

Well, they have to test the quality of the punch continuously which isn’t possible without tasting 🙂

How this tradition of making Christmas punch has originated in your family?

The tradition was established by my grandfather in the 30s of the last century, and we successfully follow even if there are various difficulties from time to time.


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