Sushi Workshop with Japanese

Imagine what could happen if a common Czech person starts to explain to a common Japanese person how he makes a sushi. First 10 seconds you can see an impression in the Japanese face, later on (for next 5 minutes) a poker face during explanation how Czech people usually prepare rice, their own ingredients and then how they try to find the best way of sushi rolling on youtube. After some time of listening how people from the other end of the world are doing “harakiri” on a Japanese traditional food is the Japanese person able just to make a sound like ない方法! (yes, we also weren’t able to understand:) And this is how our lovely Japanese friends living in Pilsen came up with an idea that something must be changed while they were listening us (Czechs) at one of our Meet Ups 🙂 Long story short – a few more people were interested in learning how to make a real Japanese sushi as well and in a few weeks the first Sushi Workshop took place in the office in Pilsen. There were about 10 participants, 2 Japanese “teachers”, a lot of vegetables, fish and cheese, Japanese omelette and about 3kg of rice. Many notes had been written down, completely everything had been eaten or brought home in boxes, no fingers were cut and everyone was just happy. We believe that all participants really enjoyed that Saturday’s afternoon as we did! We also would like to warmly thank to our ladies – Asuka and Haruka! Other pictures is possible to see at our facebook site.

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