Survey on 350 Local Expats Newly Included in Our Job Search E-book

Do you want to work in the Czech Republic? A survey on 350 expats who already work in the country has been added as a new chapter to our ultimate job search e-book.

Job Search E-book
How to find a job in the Czech Republic?

There are many reasons why people want to go abroad and live there. Some ideas like looking for a job, getting a better job, demanding good education, changing their environment, play a significant role in people’s life. Because of the stress of moving to a new place, we may have difficulty to find a new working opportunity. Having some information about people who pass by the same way would help reduce stress, do you agree? Fortunately, in the Czech Republic, it is not too difficult to get a job. 

About the survey

Over the course of a year, we surveyed 350 foreign people who have been working in our country and asked questions such as why they came to the Czech Republic, what is their business situation here and how it is to live in the Czech Republic overall, their expectations. 

The survey includes expats from 74 different countries. Although the number of Europeans participating in the survey is greater than non-European citizens, the number of non-Europeans has a considerable amount. Most of these expats prefer Prague as a settlement. This number is followed by essential other towns, which are Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, and Pilsen. Besides, there are Foreigners offices in all of these big and famous Czech cities. Most of the expats have a different reason for moving. We investigated these reasons and discussed the possibilities of finding a job in the Czech Republic

With the further modernization of the Czech Republic, the number of companies that can offer attractive business opportunities has started to increase. Besides, the Czech Republic has buildings with both modern and historical, which is an ancient country and it has many tourist attractions. It is inevitable to come to this city and want to live here. This contributes to the creation of an international environment. If you are concerned about the language barrier in finding work and living here, the expansion of the international environment will help to increase the number of people who speak English. Also, speaking English gives you an advantage in finding a job. 

Job opportunities in the Czech Republic

As well as significant local companies of the Czech Republic, other countries have company networks here. These companies require employees who speak English. Investment is increasing in developing countries, and companies in foreign organizations want to be able to employ in other countries. The Czech Republic is one of them. You can find these companies in our e-book and explore their advantages. With the help of the surveys, it is beneficial for you to see the experience of 350 people from various countries of the world. It’s time to act after seeing all of this and planning! 

Survey on 350 Local Expats Newly Included in our Job Search E-book
Read the survey on our e-book.

When you think about where and how you can find a job, you can think of the advice of the internet, employment agencies and someone familiar. In our book, we shared the employment networks and institutions of the Czech Republic. It is essential to see who uses the websites or organization more often than the results and how long it can find work. You can also view this as if you were familiar with someone who was taking advice from him because the information of people who have completed this process will guide you. According to the answers given by the respondents, you will see how you can have a business environment here. It is always beneficial to hear from someone who has experienced what awaits you than someone who describes their own company.

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