Study in the Czech Republic with CzechUniversities has launched a new agency: Czech universities which mediates study programs in the Czech Republic and fully assists during the entire process of submitting an application to a university, entrance exam, visa administration, enrollment and the whole study period while in the country.

The Czech Republic is recognized for its quality education, which is why more and more international students choose this beautiful country as the place for their university studies.

Many Czech universities offer degree programs that are recognized throughout Europe and abroad  (The  Czech Republic is a member of the EU).

So what is Czech universities all about?

CzechUniversities is an independent agency supported and created by that provides comprehensive services regarding your application to selected Czech universities. CzechUniversities takes on the administration process in place of the student. This way the student does not waste his/her time, energy and money. CzechUniversities guides students through the entire process, from start to finish. The process begins with  a consultation about preferred university choices and from there proceeds to the next steps, ensuring a smooth application, registration and relocation process.

Study courses

CzechUniversities recommends the following study courses.

  • Informatics and Management studies
  • International Business – Central European Business Realities (only masters degree)
  • Medical studies (General medicine or Dentistry)
  • Physiotherapic and Sport studies
  • Pharmaceutical studies
  • Language and Preparatory studies – one year colleague which prepares you for your future study program and entrance exam, you also learn Czech language there

All universities which are offered by CzechUniversities are located in a capital city Prague or in Brno, Hradec Kralove, Olomouc or Pilsen!

Why study in the Czech Republic?

There are about 40 000 international students studying in the Czech Republic. There are many good reasons for that:, including:

  • High quality of education system
  • Lower tuition fees for studies in a foreign language than in western countries
  • University degree (Bachelor, Master, Doctor) is accepted worldwide and according to EU standards
  • Medical universities are accredited by U.K. General Medical Council (G.M.C.)
  • Possible to transfer your studies to any other EU country
  • Low cost of living
  • Convenient public transportation in large cities and within the Czech Republic in general

If you want, you can also read about price levels in the Czech Republic in this blog post – Cost of living in the Czech Republic

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Come study in a Czech university in Europe!


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