Startup Weekend in Brno Is Running Again This Year!

Have you ever heard about Startup Weekend? It is a 54-hour competition during which groups of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and other creative minds pitch their ideas and share their thoughts all together to try to get a viable product by the last day of the event.

You will have the opportunity to join Startup Weekend this year as well in its 4th edition! The event is held from Friday, October 5 until Sunday, October 8, 2018 at Newton College, Rašínova 103/2, Brno.

The event is held by KoPlac, an NGO which started organizing Startup Weekend five years ago. The idea comes from one of the students who did an internship with KoPlac. In the last four years, the event hosted people of different nationalities. It’s known as an international event. So far we have had participants from several countries like the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and many interesting and innovative business ideas.”, said one of the organizers. To have an idea of what the weekend looks like, have a look at this video summing up last years event.

Besides the spirit of resourceful ideas, Startup Weekend is above all a friendly event! Participants, mentors, and organizers will have the chance to take a break on Saturday afternoon during the BBQ event. The BBQ is organized each Saturday as a proper part of the event and it’s a time to relax, chat and build relationships. Having fun is the second most important thing during a Startup Weekend event!

Participants will test their final pitches in front of mentors on Sunday at noon. From the other side, mentors will provide feedback regarding the final pitches to help them to improve their projects.

If you want to get new knowledges from interesting folks from all over the world, get inspiration, and have an unforgettable experience, purchase your ticket here! For more information, check the Facebook event!


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