SmartGuide App Turns Your Phone into a Private Guide!

Hello, travelers and expats! Have you ever thought about a travel guide application when exploring a foreign destination? In the Czech Republic, there is one now – called SmartGuide.

No matter if you are a Czech or foreigner when you travel you always look for a friendly local guide which would share some history of a new place and tell you about the must-see sights you should visit.

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A present-day pilgrim always wants to know information about the hidden gems as well as to get recommendations for the most popular activities available to experience. Last essential thing is, of course, a reliable map so you wouldn’t get lost when you are on your own. A good guide provides you with all of these and the SmartGuide app does so!

Try the new SmartGuide app for Prague to discover the rich history and beauty of the Czech capital.

SmartGuide works as an audio guide with audio-visual navigation. It operates completely offline so you don’t need any internet access. The app guides you around automatically using GPS or Augmented reality. It serves as your local friend who is going to show you the best places in the city and who knows where is what.

By downloading the SmartGuide app on your phone you will receive a personal “manual” in your pocket. The app covers more places than just Prague so it is useful not only for tourists but also for those who are staying the Czech Republic long-term. There are tours of many Czech destinations such as Český Krumlov, Mariánské Lázně or Terezín.

SmartGuide is a platform which builds a helpful directory for travelers in the 21. century.

Install this new app on your phone and discover places in a modern way!

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