SingLOVÉ: A New Project for Singles in Brno

Singles also want to have fun! Martina, the creator of SingLOVÉ project, knows how to do it right. She and her team organize different events for single people in Brno who want to spend quality time, meet new people or their soulmate. Wine and chocolate tastings, picnics, workshops and good company… Interested? Then you should definitely read further!

How and when did you come up with the SingLOVÉ idea?

It started more than 2 years ago. I wanted to try something new, to invest my time, energy and effort in something meaningful. I was always interested in relationships, love and differences between men and women and really enjoy to try new things and meet new people. In that time, I had a lot of single friends around me who were not lucky in finding a partner and asked me for advice, so the idea of organizing events for singles was born.

I asked two friends of mine to be a part of this project and they agreed. So we are a three-member realization team.


SingLOVÉ team consists of 3 members


What is the main aim of SingLOVÉ project?

The main aim is to create the opportunity to spend free time enjoyable and meet new people during fun and interesting activities. The fact that everybody participating in this event is single, is the pleasant added value.

How many events have you organized so far?

We have more than 20 events behind us. There was e.g. a photo shooting workshop, visiting the observatory, a picnic, a self-defence course, coffee/wine/tea/chocolate tasting, a dancing lesson, Christmas cookies preparation, a travellers meeting, a dog lovers meeting, golf for beginners, gardening (volunteering), laughing yoga, communication skills. All events were held in Czech.

Now I want to move the project forward and accept another challenge – to organize events for singles in English. I understand that sometimes it can be difficult for expats to live in a foreign country, and I would like to make their stay here more pleasant. And maybe they will meet their soulmate at our event ;-).


Photo shooting workshops are always fun!


Who can come to SingLOVÉ events?

The project is open for single people who want to have fun, meet new friends, maybe a soulmate, step out of their comfort zone, try new things and discover interesting places in Brno. It is also for people who want to use a single period in their life as an opportunity for personal development and getting to know new people and themselves 🙂.

Can Czech people also participate in this project?

Sure, we suppose not only expats will join our events in English. We welcome Czech people who want to practice English and get to know people from abroad.

What is the age range of the participants?

25-45 years. But most of the participants are around 30 years old.

What do people usually do during your events?

Each event has some topic, e.g. chocolate tasting, so people have some common activity during which they meet new friends. Everything is prepared on the spot – lecturers, program, background, so they participate and spend a pleasant afternoon or evening together. It’s actually simple :-).

What activities do you arrange to break the ice between newcomers?

We play introducing and ice-breaking games at the beginning and do activities which help to know the others better, during the whole event. We choose these activities very carefully because the most important thing for us is that everybody feels comfortable.

What happens after a SingLOVÉ event?

At the end of our event, participants are filling out a special form with feedback. Via this form, they have the opportunity to ask for contact details of the people they would like to meet again. If there is a match, we share the contacts. They can find not only their lifelong partner but also a new same-sex friend with common hobbies, e.g. yoga or beer ;-). We share also this kind of contacts.

How many couples have you already created thanks to this project?

I know about several couples. Brno is quite small so sometimes I meet them in the city centre or in a theatre. I also get information about new couples from my friends who recommend our project to their relatives or fellows. One couple is already engaged. I am so happy about that!


Nice conversations with a glass of wine… Sounds great, right?


Do you think it’s hard to find a soulmate in our modern world? Have you found yours? 🙂

Well, I think it is not easy, especially if you are already working and always meeting the same people – colleagues, friends, family. Most of our male participants are working in IT or a similar field, so in a male team and have typical male hobbies. For women, it is the same – female team and female hobbies. Most of their friends are already having a family, so not many buddies for partying.

Regarding your second question, yes, I have already found my soulmate before I started with events for singles. He is very tolerant and supports me in the SingLOVÉ project.

Can you give advice to our readers who are looking for their soulmate?

I think it is necessary to change the stereotype and try new things, visit new places, be active and then you meet new people as well.

If you check possibilities for singles in Brno, there are some speed dating activities, you can spend a weekend or a holiday with other single people and of course, there is the Internet, dating applications and advertisements.

So there are some options and it depends on what you prefer. I am trying to offer the opportunity how to spend free time and meet new single people 3D (face to face) during an afternoon or evening.

The project works in Brno only so far, right? Do you plan to extend to other cities too?

Yes, the project is based in Brno, but I am considering to expand in other cities in the future, we will see :-).


I want to say thank you, Martina, for the interesting interview! It’s nice to see how your project helps people to meet their partners and friends.

And if you, dear readers, would like to visit one of the SingLOVÉ events, don’t hesitate to check their website for information.

Yelyzaveta Romanova

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  1. I am from India I am honest and loyal and kind and my professional is cooking
    And I am alone in the Brno I want meet new people in Brno please help me foreigner team

    Thank you
    Pargat Singh

    1. Hello Pargat,

      you can follow us on Facebook – every month we organize MeetUps for expats such as yourself, where they can meet new people, make new friends or even find a partner (if they’re lucky)! 🙂

      Kind regards,


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