Shooting a Company Film with CTP: a Report from Extra

Spending a weekend on set – that has never been my usual Saturday or Sunday. However, as soon as I saw an ad on Facebook from Foreigners, I quickly realised: this is a chance I won’t blew. How did it all go? Here is a brief report about one of the best experiences of my life.

Day 1: the first location of shooting. Photo source: author’s archive.

The shooting was organised by CTP, Central Europe’s largest industrial developer, who also owns CTPark network, the largest integrated system of premium business parks in Central Europe. Domeq is a stand-alone office project, which belongs to CTP as well, and nowadays is a beautiful accommodation building with Foreigners being its lessor (see a useful article about Domeq).

I have participated at shooting on both days: Saturday and Sunday. Each day covered a specific place, ten extras (five males and five females) and, of course, a lot of excitement and fun. Each scene had been shot for at least one hour; there were also a lot of preparation and waiting. Each extra was given a few actions to perform: some of us pretended to be rushing to their workplace, some extras were slowly walking down the road while talking to friends and some were waiting for a bus at the bus stop. Every scene was guided by a team of professionals: cameramen, director etc. Besides, every character received a background story and even a topic of the conversation if we needed one.

Day 1: me at shooting 🙂 Photo source: author’s archive.

Saturday shooting took place at Honeywell main office, warehouse and Acer repair office, while on Sunday we stayed at Thermo Fisher for the whole day. We were lucky enough to take a glance at the huge Thermo Fisher laboratories: needless to say, that made a great impression on us. I was always chasing a dream of being a scientist, and now I can gladly say that it sort of came true, at least on screen. A great variety of food was also provided on the set: we were enjoying some hot meals as well as sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

Day 2: shooting is in the process. Photo source: author’s archive.

A main female role was given to Martina Bravencová, a world champion in jetsurfing, who was starring in this film and demonstrated remarkable skateboarding, jetsurfing and biking skills. She was constantly accompanied by the team of stylist and make-up artist and whatever happened to her hair or make-up, it was immediately taken care of. Extras also received a help of stylists which made us look pretty good on camera 🙂

Martina on competition. Photo source: instagram @martinabrav.

This experience will always stay in our heart. Being a part of something huge, hearing words “Action!” or “Camera running…”, seeing a beautiful main actress made us truly believed that we were some Hollywood stars shooting in another blockbuster. An experience, indeed worth sharing with all of you! So stay tuned, follow Foreigners on Facebook and subscribe to Foreigners newsletter, so you’re always updated and keeping up with future events. And don’t forget to watch a company film! The link is here. Enjoy!

Karyna Babkova

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