Second hand furniture in Brno

Let me present to you the “Bazar Nábytku”.

Storefront shop
Storefront shop

In this shop you can find almost everything that you need for your flat (furniture, kitchen equipment, decoration …) and more (bike, barbecue …). Some of the products are new but most of them are second hand furniture. The nice thing with second hand furniture is the price. It really is cheaper than some other places like Tesco or ikea. In addition to saving money, you’ll help the planet.

Interior bazar 1
Interior bazar 2
Interior bazar 3

And you can also sell stuff you don’t use anymore or if you unfortunately have to leave Czech Republic.

Access map

3 thoughts on “Second hand furniture in Brno

  1. Hello,
    I would like to sell a dining set from IKEA [Table, chairs, cushions] for half the price so 4000kc. Could you please help me get in contact with them as I am afraid they will not speak English?
    Thank you!

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