Renting a Flat? Why Not Rent a MINI!

Most of us have an experience with a long-term rental of an apartment. But do you know it is possible to rent a car as well instead of buying one? This option is called an operating lease.

Feel free in Brno with a stylish MINI Cooper!

The operating lease is advantageous especially for those who don’t want to commit themselves to a purchase and taking charge of a car. Our partner MINI Centrum Renocar Brno offers a MINI Cooper on operating lease for expats too. If you want to be mobile and having style all in one you can feel free for 222 CZK daily.

An iconic MINI Cooper is great for moving in the city as well as going for trips all around. We have first-hand experience driving this car and can warmly recommend. Our CEO Andrea Tkačuková herself has been using a MINI Cooper on operating lease so she knows the best how it works.

Andrea, why have you decided to get a MINI Cooper?

My husband and I were thinking what car we should have and he is a big fan of a MINI. We like its design, how it feels when driving and the quality of BMW components for an affordable price.

But you didn’t buy the car.

No. After some calculations which we made, we had found out that the operating lease was a good option for us. We took it for 3 years and we know that we can fit there with our dog and even with one baby. After those 3 years, we will see what our family situation will be.

Driving a MINI is comfortable for men and women both.

Is driving a MINI Cooper comfortable for you as a woman?

I would say so. I am very satisfied with an automatic gear shift. Also, we had an accident once when nothing happened to me or anyone in the car. So, I have personally tested the safety of a MINI (unwillingly) and the quality of the Renocar services as well.

What about our clients who would like to get first-hand experience sitting behind the steering wheel of a MINI. What shall they do?

They can send an e-mail to, possibly or contact Renocar directly to order a free test drive.

Will there be any opportunity to try driving a MINI at some event organized by

Yes. We plan a couple of events where guests will get a chance to test the MINI. You can follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated.

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