Relocation and Shipping in the Czech Republic

Relocation and Shipping

Moving to a new flat or a new city can be overwhelming, especially when you are doing it as an expat. offers many services to help you with the entire relocation process, including moving vans, shipping parcels, and furnishing your new flat.

Relocation/Moving Services

If you are just moving to a different location in the same city, the options are easy. Just fill out the form online, here you can let us know how many movers you will need, time, locations, special instructions, etc.

  • a van with 1 moving guy – the price consists of a fixed fee of 200 CZK plus 9 CZK per minute (approx. 540 CZK per hour)
  • a van with 2 moving guys – the price consists of a fixed fee of 300 CZK plus 13 CZK per minute (approx. 780 CZK per hour)

Note: The minute fee is counted from the moment the van arrives until the whole moving is finished. No kilometre fees apply when moving within a city – you don’t pay anything extra!

  • If you need some assistance with extra services, like loading/unloading furniture and boxes, or assembling/disassembling your furniture – it is not a problem! It is all included in the minute fees.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to request more than one mover, the job will get done quicker – which saves you money.

If you are moving to/from another city in the Czech Republic, or abroad  the process is just as easy. Again, just fill out the form online and we will take care of the moving arrangements from there.

Also, if you are abroad and moving to the Czech Republic, our relocation services are available to you! Just contact us, and we can discuss the details via e-mail, Skype, or phone.

The prices to major cities in the Czech Republic to/from Brno are already calculated:

Journey to/from Brno Price Calculations

Quotes for moving to/from other cities both in the Czech Republic and abroad will be provided upon request. Just contact in your respective city and we will let you know! 🙂

Find all of the details and information you need on moving services including prices, how fees are calculated, and useful tips for on Moving Services Page (Brno)

* After you have relocated in the Czech Republic we are able to arrange many services for you.

  • Introductory guided tour of the city: shopping places, popular restaurants, pubs and bars, public transportation, free-time activities, etc.
  • Internet connection, mobile phone (tariff/top-up), satellite installation
  • Language courses
  • Bank account
  • International schools (for you & your children)

And many more! Check out the relocation process, services, prices, and information here.

Parcel/Cargo Delivery

This is one of my favorite services that offers. When I travel to the United States from Europe with two bags, I am  charged for the second bag by most airlines, and since both are usually over the weight limit (23kg), I am charged additional fees for both bags. This ends up costing more than $300. makes getting your things home, or to the Czech Republic convenient and much more affordable than airline fees. The price is about 2x’s cheaper than other companies who offer this service in the Czech Republic, and a lot easier.

Worldwide shipping made easy with

All you have to do is fill in the form, pay online via credit card, you will receive the confirmation of pick up time, the drivers picks up the parcels/boxes from your residence, and within a few days (usually 3-10, depending on country) your package arrives at its destination.

Final price for shipping is determined by size, location, weight, etc.


  • Portugal – 1 box (max. 30 kg) – 33 EUR
  • India – 1 box – 124 GBP (till 20 kg) – 165 GBP (till 30 kg)
  • United Kingdom – 1 box (max. 30 kg) – 30 GBP

If you need boxes, just contact us!  We have them right here in the office for 35CZK!

Find all the information and details on the Parcel/Cargo Delivery webpage.

Moving Tip

Packing Tips & Moving Tips

Download: Apartment Essentials Checklist (PDF) & Moving Labels for Boxes (PDF, UPDATED on February 18: link removed – website not found)

Are there any services that you wish were offered but are not? Just let us know! We are always trying to expand our services to help foreigners feel at home in the Czech Republic!

Check out the post on how to choose an apartment in the Czech Republic.

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