Permanent Residency as Security in the Future Emergency Situations

Currently, with the Czech Republic being in the state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, only expats with valid residence permits can cross the borders and return to the country where they may have families, jobs, homes. If you meet the conditions of holding the permanent residency status in the Czech Republic but you don’t have it yet we strongly recommend submitting your application.


The permanent residency gives both EU and non-EU nationals an authorization to live and work in the Czech Republic on a permanent basis. When does it come in handy?

  • you are tired of prolonging your temporary residency or long-term visa over and over and over and you want to avoid the risk that it won’t be renewed for some reason
  • you have been settled down in the Czech Republic or planning to do so
  • you can apply for a loan or mortgage at the bank to buy property
  • it gives you free entry to the Czech labor market
  • you will be entitled to social support in hard-life situations and pension from the Czech government upon reaching the retirement age
  • it will secure you the possibility to come back to the country if there is a similar emergency situation in the future and borders are closed for anyone besides Czech citizens and residency holders 


After 5 years of continuous residence

You need to prove a 5-year legal continuous stay in the Czech Republic to be granted permanent residency status. Read more about the requirements here.

Permanent residency gives you the right to reside in the country on a permanent basis.
The permanent residency gives you the right to reside in the country on a permanent basis.

You can apply for the permanent residency certificate now while being in the Czech Republic to be safe whatever happens next. We will gladly help you with all the paperwork with no need to meet you in person. Sounds good? Fill in the form on our website or simply contact us via phone or email. We work online during the nation-wide quarantine period.

Lucie Patkova

Lucie Patkova

Hello, our dear blog readers! Since I am passionate about sharing interesting and important information, it's my pleasure to keep you updated what's going on in the Czech Republic so you feel at home here ;-)

8 thoughts on “Permanent Residency as Security in the Future Emergency Situations

  1. How and when can I convert my study visa into work visa?This is my first year in Czech Republic. Iam a student for Master’s degree. I have one year visa.Is it possible to convert my visa?

    1. Hello Shajahan,

      yes, it’s possible to change your purpose of stay in the country. You need to have all the needed documents to apply for a new type of visa before your current visa is expired. If you have any further questions, write us at and let us know how we can assist.

      Best regards,

  2. I’m presently in the Czech republic under the 90 days. Is there the possibility to apply for a residency card?

    1. Hello Paul,

      thank you for your question. Yes, it’s possible to apply for a residency card, you need to send documents via the post office. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to write us at

      Best regards

  3. Hello! My name Is Iulian And i want to help me …If i will make 5 years in ČR just in september 2020 i must to Wait for the residence ???

    1. Hello Iulian,

      Thank you for your question. Yes, you have to wait till September. Once you need to arrange your permanent residency, feel free to contact us at

      Best regards,

  4. Hello,

    I live already for 15 years in cz, but dont have a permanent residency yet. I have Only a potvrzeni o prechodnem pobytu na uzemi. I come from the netherlands and have two children (almost 11 and 14 years old)That are Born here in the cz. I own also a HOUSE in mine name. A course i have here a job. Can you please telling me what kind of papers i need, maybe you can sent me also the request formular for the permanent residency

    Best regards
    Luis verhaegen

    1. Hello Luis,

      thank you for your question! We’ll do our best to help you with that, all you need to is to write at and my colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, I recommend you to watch a live stream with our CEO who will be answering questions of all kinds regarding the current situation in the Czech Republic. You can also submit our questions here in this form.

      Best regards,

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