Obligation for EU Citizens to Report a New Address in the Czech Republic

Not everybody knows, that even when EU citizens arrive in the Czech Republic and plan on staying here for a long period (meaning for more than 30 days), there are some legal commitments they have to fulfill. Registration of their new address is surely one of them. Why is it so important and who is obligated to do this? Let’s sort it out!

If you are a EU citizen and came to the Czech Republic for more than 30 days with the purpose of traveling, visiting, working or studying, you have to report an address you’re staying at. Where do you have to report? The answer is simple: Foreign Police Department.

It’s obligatory for all EU citizens + citizens of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. In case you didn’t report your address, you might get charged a fine of 3000 Czech crowns. However, if your landlord already registered you at Immigration Police, you don’t need to do this procedure. For more details follow the link and read the article about duties of landlords in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you to have things under your control and report a new address yourself: our relocation consultants find this way more reliable and safe. Once you get a stamp in your passport, you can live, work and travel here peacefully and without any concerns!

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Karyna Babkova

Hello, dear readers! I am a Ukrainian student, currently studying for a Master's degree in Masaryk University and I am deeply honoured to have a chance to share with you some important and interesting information about living in Brno. Hopefully, you will find my articles useful and entertaining xx

7 thoughts on “Obligation for EU Citizens to Report a New Address in the Czech Republic

  1. Hi Karina,

    after reading info regarding the compulsory notification to the foreign police office, after change of residence within CZ, I would like to ask you about the process and the right form I should fill out.

    I also would like to know if foreigners could accompanie for completition of the process and what are the cost of it.

    Best regards,

  2. I am non EU citizen living in Czech Republic with valid visa for 2 years.
    I would like to change address of stay What do I need from paperwork? How long do I have to wait for it?

  3. I have reported change of address to police and waiting for new pobytu.
    Can I move to a new address before I get issued new pobytu?

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