New Norms in the 2018 Social Security and Health Insurance Policies

With the beginning of 2018, a new set of policies has been implemented by the ČSSZ (Czech Social Security Administration) and the VZP (General Health Insurance Company) involving Czech citizens as well as expats living in the country.

Czech Social Security Administration norms

When it comes to self-employed people, the ČSSZ has risen the price for social security expenses to 29.2% of the monthly assessment base, corresponding to a minimum monthly advance of 2189 CZK for major independent activities and 876 CZK for subsidiary independent activities.

The minimum assessment base is amended each year by a Decree of the Government and differs for major and subsidiary independent gainful activity (which therefore does not include non-profit enterprises)

The self-employed person determines the amount of the annual assessment base for premium payments. The lowest assessment base is established at 50% of the tax base, while the maximum corresponds to 72 times the average wage.

When it comes to Czech pensions, the basic assessment has risen by 150 CZK (3.5% per month, from 2550 CZK to 2700 CZK). The rise – carried out by the Czech Social Security Administration – includes widows’, widowers’ and orphans’ pensions.

General Health Insurance Company norms

Due to the increase in the average national wage, from the 1st of January VZP requires 118 CZK more than the previous year, resulting in a 2024 CZK insurance fee.

The VZP has made changes in the limits for supplements on medicines, payments of selected vaccinations for children and of dental fillings and the amount of health insurance premiums.

The limit of supplements for medicines is now 1,000 CZK for children under the age of 18 and for insured persons over 65, while 500 CZK is now the limit for people over the age of 70 years old. For all the others the limit of 5000 CZK remains.

When it comes to the non-obligatory vaccine against papillomavirus, girls and boys are now covered if the vaccination has been started from the age of 13 until the age of 14. A bonus of 1000 CZK is provided for this type of vaccination for insured teenagers in between 14 and 18 years old.

Talking about dental operations, amalgam fillings are covered for children under 15 years old and pregnant and lactating women. Filling of non-dilated amalgam and photo-composite fillings are covered for children under the age of 18.

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  1. Please, I am self employed teacher at the university of west Bohemia in Plzen. I am part time with zivnostensky list. I will be leaving the Czech Republic at the end of June and returning at the end of September. How do I temporarily stop my social insurance. Thank you.
    Richard Irons

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