Moving is an easy task!

Does moving from one place to another seem to be one of the most challenging tasks? Well, it will not be, if you rely on! If you need a hand with loading/unloading of your stuff, even from higher floors without a lift, or assembly/disassembly of furniture, our guys can handle it and will happily help you! Such extra services are calculated separately.

Moving service by will make your moving less stressful

Tip: It might be a better idea to order a second person to help you – one person may get tired quickly, especially if there is no lift, you need to move some furniture or you have a lot of things! The job will also be done faster with two helpers so you will actually save money!

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Example A: You need to move a mattress from Purkyňova street to Vídeňská street in Brno. As you are a girl, you’ll order two guys to help you. At the agreed time the van with two guys arrives to Purkyňova street and they bring the mattress from the 4th floor without a lift, load it and transport it to Vídeňská, where it is unloaded and brought to your new apartment on the 2nd floor. The whole moving took 60 minutes, so you’ll pay 300 CZK* (for the van with two guys) plus 13 x 60 (minute fee x number of minutes) = 1080 CZK* (*prices are valid for Brno. Click here to check prices for your city).

moving service
Carefree moving with

Tip: We recommend that your things are ready and packed so it is faster to load it into a van and therefore you do not spend so much money. A few tips on how to pack your stuff 🙂

Example B: You are moving in with your girlfriend in Prague and you have all your stuff prepared and packed in boxes and bags, so you only order one guy to help you. The whole moving will take 2 hours, so it will cost 550 CZK* (hourly fee for the van with one guy) x 2 = 1100 CZK(*prices are valid for Prague. Click here to check prices for your city).

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